No Social Media For A Week…

In the least dramatic way, I put all my social media apps in a folder and decided to cut off the virtual world for a while... Here's what I noticed, and here's why I'm encouraging others to do the same:



The seasons are a changin' and you can feel it so strongly in people's moods, vibes, and mannerisms. As a people, we generally disdain change. It's hard, it can be messy, and it throws everything out of wack. So every year, when the night's get a little cooler and the leaves start to fall... people start getting a little more agitated, and a little more anxious. After talking with a few of my friends, I've noticed it's become quite a pattern. We're all feeling sort of 'off.' But the other trend I've noticed is our hasty reaction to our truths ... "yeah i feel like shit, BUT!" It's just this knee jerk reaction because we know we shouldn't be complaining, or should we? Check out my thoughts here:

Beauty Blender Alternatives

From hard boiled eggs to condoms... Beauty bloggers around the globe are trying any and every alternative to the beauty blender. But, do they really work?

Charcoal Teeth Review

Although I've become more accustomed to the idea of wearing black lipstick... I don't know that this product did much else for me. Check out my review on the Activated Charcoal Whitening Powder!

Vacuum Cup WHAT?

Ahh the things I do for a little online attention. This bundle of joy came in the package of things I ordered. I really did have hope at the beginning. The ladies in the video look so great... That's marketing folks! FYI: DON'T SPEND YOUR $9.97 on this

Draw String Bra FAIL

I'm always on the hunt for any alternative for a bra. I hate wearing bras, I don't want to wear bras. But I also don't necessarily want the general public to know my boobs go down to my knees. So I tried a new product... I'll let you be the judge of how it went LOL

It Takes Two To Tango

We tend to set ourselves up for disappointment when we expect certain reactions from people- especially our loved ones. An open ended conversation may clear the air ... and the disappointment!

SeneDerm NailExtend (It’s Magic)

You know a product is good when you have to stop using it because it's working SO quickly! Check out my 7-day results in my latest review of this SeneDerm product!

The Military Diet: Was It Worth It?

Would I recommend this diet for quick weight loss? No... Because that's not a real thing. Check out what I WOULD recommend this diet for!

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