So I was right, we slept until probably 1:30.. Blame it on the jet lag, okay?!  Some of the girls from our group came knocking at around nine to see if we wanted to join them on a walk around town, but ya know, three hours of sleep didn’t really cut it.  Then one of the group leaders came just before we woke up because there was a couple Sherwood Parkians from the other trip that were leaving and wanted to say bye- but again, I was too tired.. Which I regret not getting up now, so have fun in Indonesia Maddy and Riley!!  

P.S. This is our messy room!  

 The whole morning I felt totally fine and then when we really decided to get up I felt nauseous as hell.  Turns out I was hella dehydrated… Maybe a little hungover… But either way it sucked, but I tried to shower it off so we could go walk around and maybe find something to eat!  Well being in 35 degree heat, as it turns out, is actually not helpful if you’re trying to fight off vomiting.   We walked around for a bit, but after puking behind a McDonald’s- yeah it happened- I had to call it quits.  We stopped at 711 on the way home, grabbed a couple water bottles and a Gatorade, showered again and went back to bed.  

I did manage to start feeling a bit better when I woke up for dinner though.  We all met in the lobby at 7:30 to go for our first family dinner which was precious, we just ordered a bunch of dishes and shared!  For those of you that don’t know, I’m an extremely picky eater.. But I’m challenging myself to try new things so I tried it all – pad Thai, curry, vegetable spring rolls, vegetables and rice!  Not gonna lie, it was tasty!!  


 After dinner we wandered the streets a bit and found ourselves on Khaosan Road which is basically the hub/downtown Bangkok. It was wild, we went to the “Bucket Bar” which is basically some plastic tables and chairs and speaker they put out at night where their little shops and kiosks were during the day.  We danced the night away, I’ve never sweat more in my entire life- and it didn’t even matter, because everyone was in the same boat.  Just loving and living in the moment…