Alright, here it is, the most cliche way to talk about my experiences overseas.. IN A BLOG.  Get stoked about it.

Anyways. In order to actually get to Bangkok, you need to take basically a day of travel.  Luckily, I’m a pretty good flyer, and by that I mean I don’t start hyperventilating when the plane takes off- I actually quite enjoy flying- but that’s for another time.  My route was from Edmonton to Vancouver (1.5 hours) to Shanghai (12.25 hours) to Bangkok (5 hours). I’ve done the flight to Vancouver numerous times so that was nothing new, but the service on West Jet WAS something new.  Probably the best in flight and airport experience I’ve ever had.  Everyone was extremely pleasant and almost excited for me, it was an encouragement for sure!  Then the main flight attendant made jokes about her ex husband on the intercom .. So she wins in my books. Her name was Janet- in case West Jet reads this. 

I landed in Vancouver- after sleeping pretty much the whole flight- and my boarding pass didn’t have the next gate so I checked on the boards D73.  For anyone that knows the Vancouver airport, that’s at basically the other end of where I was.  No problem, I had time, and Vancouver’s airport is hella nice so I did not mind staring in awe as I walked through it.  (And also cringing as my new sandals squeaked all the way there) Grabbed my last “American meal” from Milestones (even though A&W was calling my name..) before hopping on my flight to Shanghai!  Again- amazing service.  They had to get me new boarding passes and make sure they had the matching luggage tag and the girl at the front was super helpful and informative.  Well now here I am, 34A on China Eastern Airlines flying over the pacific with my new Asian best friend beside me (I don’t know her, but I took a selfie of us while she was sleeping so that counts right?).  

  I missed the lunch they served because I passed out, but woke up to this adorable message in front of me.  I did catch a glimpse of lunch in between repositioning and it looked like some rice and veggies, soup and not sure what else..  Probably pretty good for airplane food!!  More to come when I finally reach Bangkok… Time for some snacks & tramidol!