Safe to say I made it to Shanghai, after a rather pleasant Tai Chi video at the end of my flight to stretch out after TWELVE HOURS.  I obviously totally ended up bonding with the little Asian lady beside me even though she definitely didn’t speak English and definitely didn’t know about the secret selfie I took of us … 

I had no idea where or what I was doing after I got off the plane, but there was a lovely Canadian woman who basically helped me through everything and gave me her number to come visit her in Cambodia! Like what! People are so nice!  But then my flight was delayed almost an hour and a half, so I had a bit of waiting to do in the Shanghai airport- needless to say I fell asleep pretty quickly.  On the plane from Shanghai to Bangkok I had the whole row to myself.. So again, stretched out and had a nice four and a halfish hour sleep.  Besides the flight delay, I don’t think my travelling experience could’ve been any better. 

Again, not knowing what the hell I was doing, I followed the pack through the Bangkok airport and went through immigration, GOT MY BAG, and headed to meet my group leaders! There was a lovely Thai lady at the “meeting point” who looked like she could not have been happier to see me, we shook hands and she told me to walk all the way down to find my leaders.  They (Eric and Shayla) also seemed like they couldn’t be happier to see someone and gave me the biggest/best hugs- which I obviously needed after a day of flying to unknown places by myself. There were other members of the group there too and everyone was super sweet and welcoming, even though we had all spent basically a day traveling. We waited for a few more and off we went to Wild Orchid Guesthouse.   


Wild Orchid is actually so nice, and we were not ready for bed yet, so we put our stuff in our rooms and went down to the lobby for some drinks!  Well turns out, there’s multiple trips coming in and multiple trips on their way out- so it ended up being a huge FNEZ mingle all night.  My roommate showed up and we shut the place down around 6am.. Got some waters from the 711 around the corner and went to sleep.  I’m pretty sure we’re soul mates so we’ll be sleeping until dinner.