So we actually woke up at a decent time this morning (7am), even though we went to bed not too long ago(3am).. 

I went out onto our balcony and just spent some time in the early morning sun, and surprisingly got some wifi to somewhat FaceTime my sister.. I really just wanted to show her the bum gun. Which, for those who don’t know, is literally like the end of a hose you use to clean yourself after going to the washroom- you see, they don’t use toilet paper (or rarely) in Thailand because their sewer system can’t handle it and it just plugs up- basically this bum gun is your best friend. 

Anyways, we went downstairs for breakfast and I got cheese toast (which I realize isn’t at all adventurous- sue me, it brought back childhood memories).  

 We had some shopping to do to prepare for our walk through the temple (Wat Pho) later and after some hard bartering I got this adorable giraffe top that I later spilled food all over… 

We took this boat on the river to get to the biggest temple in Bangkok that was absolutely stunning and unbelievable- it has the third largest Buddha in the world.  


  We got to go into the temples and learn about the different Buddha’s, Monks, Nuns and other traditions in Bangkok- including Bangkok’s real name which is in the Guiness Book of World Records for longest name of a city. Our wonderful Thai tour guide who was at the airport on day one showed us around and knew pretty much everything about everything. You have to have your knees and shoulders covered in the temples though which means I sweat to death for a solid two hours.  

 Then our group leaders surprised us with Thai massages and tuktuk rides back to our guesthouse!   


 The Thai massage was just what we needed before we headed out on a 14 hour night train to Chiang Mai. Women and children go in separate cars than men do, but you can wander throughout the train and we all got to know each other a bit better talking all night..   But, it’s been a long day in the sun, so this is all I have now- writing from my bottom bunk on the train. See you in Chiang Mai!