Woke up early again today, mostly because the train ride is anything, but smooth. I think I did manage to get some sleep though. And anyways, I didn’t mind because I got to watch the sun come up over the jungle/tiny towns we go through. It’s so stunning, like nothing I’ve ever seen before and man I wish everyone could experience this. 

So we finally got to Chiang Mai and it’s a completely different world than Bangkok- at least I think! It kind of reminds me of Mexico. The city is separated by a moat- the old town and new Chiang Mai.   

 We were greeted at the train station with candy necklaces from our drivers and taken to our next home- The Libra Guesthouse!  The family actually lives in the bottom of the guesthouse so it’s an extremely traditional (take your shoes off before you go up to your room, don’t bring the party back to the house) kind of place . 

It was only 8am when we got there, so we had a few hours of down time before our leaders brought us together to talk about our time in Chiang Mai.  My roommate (Katie) and I decided to walk around the town a bit…  Maybe we got a little lost, but it was beautiful and we found our way back.  The vendors and everyone are much less aggressive than in Bangkok, the city smells wonderful (most of the time) and you just want to absorb every ounce of culture.  

Okay so. Pretty much you can do anything and everything in Chiang Mai, today was technically a “free day,” but we all decided we wanted to go thrift shopping (we needed to find sick outfits for our spirit animal party)  and to the 3D Art Museum- our mode of transportation? BIKES!  

  I’m slightly terrified of bikes because a) I don’t remember the last time I rode one and b) you would understand if you saw how they drive here…  It ended up being probably the most amazing experience and I’m SO glad I did it.  The drivers were actually incredibly patient and there are “share the road” signs everywhere so not once did we get a honk! It was hot as hell, and the most sun I’ve gotten so far, but it was worth it.  We stopped at a 711 on the way back and I tried Thai iced tea.. Yeah that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever had. The thrift stores were a blast and I’m super excited to reveal my spirit animal costume after we get back from our jungle trek which we start tomorrow! 


We came back from a couple thrift stores for a break and then headed to new Chiang Mai to see the 3D museum.   

           How. Cool. Is. That. Place. 

After we got back we showered up and met in the lobby at 8 for a family dinner at a very tasty Mexican place! There was a live band playing some pretty impressive covers, turns out this place ends up turning into a karaoke bar..  


 But we were ALL tuckered out from the day of sun and FUN (yeah I went there).  Plus we have to get up and trek through a jungle tomorrow so, ya know, sleep is necessary. 

I’ll see ya in a few days when we’re back in Chiang Mai to tell you all about the jungle trek and floating bungalows! It’s okay, you can be jealous.  Goodnight from Chiang Mai- and good morning in Canada!