Woke up to people puking, so clearly we had a pretty amazing night. Our leaders and guides surprised us with traditional Thai lanterns to release last night. We wrote everything we wanted to let go of on one lantern and things we wanted to embrace on the other- it was indescribable, we watched them fly away and then danced all night in the rain.  

   I wasn’t feeling so hot this morning either, but we packed up our things and got going onto the bamboo rafts. But before we left, our elephant friends came to say goodbye at the river! They were probably confused because we were all wearing our spirit animal costumes.. But let me tell you, we looked damn fine. Also I’m so proud of all of your guesses, because I did in fact dress up as a giraffe!  

  After some screaming and jumping around getting giant tarantulas off our rafts, we headed down the river! Literally all we had to do was sit and enjoy the scenery.. I can’t even explain it. For almost four hours, we just floated down a river- with some rapids in between- but our guides took care of us. There were little villages along the way, tons of cows and water buffalo and a dog that we adopted onto our raft and named Hercules because he literally followed us the entire way before he would actually come on the raft. We completed the journey and got off at an adorable village that fed us some amazing pad Thai and fruit which we were all in need of after a day in the sun! (Not that I exerted much energy because I actually napped most of the way..) Off we went again in Song Tao’s to a pier to get into a boat to go to the floating bungalows which would be our home for the next couple of days. 

Everyone was exhausted and fell asleep on the way, but I wanted to stay up to see all the elephants romping (that one’s for you Emi) around the jungle! Once we got to the pier we unloaded our dirty, stinky hiking clothes and got our new bathing suits/lake house clothes. Which felt UHMAZING. 

So the lakehouse/floating bungalows are on a man made lake and are just the coolest little things, the boat ride was a quick 10-15 minutes and we were out in paradise! Rooming with my girl Katie again, we put our fresh bathing suits on and hopped into the lake with everyone else. Some other girls and I ended up staying in until dinner just peacefully floating around. I wasn’t feeling too good though and had a pretty good burn from the day on the river so I didn’t eat much at dinner which was basically a Salisbury steak, potatoes and mushrooms in their own homemade sauce. I was actually SO mad I could barely eat anything because it was super yummy. 

We decided to take a nap after dinner to get ready to play some games later, but I already knew I wouldn’t be getting up for games. I think that’s the beauty of knowing it’s YOUR trip, you just do what feels right and you don’t have to answer to anyone- and everyone is very encouraging of that. Of course your group wants you to stay up and join in, but they understand if you need that time and they don’t judge or pressure you to go beyond your limits. So anyways, Katie and I laid down for a nap, but actually ended up talking and laughing like crazy people for an hour before she left to go play games. Everyone is so happy and relaxed, it’s really a beautiful thing. But for now, I gotta catch some zzz’s- good night from, well, heaven.