I woke up from a pretty amazing sleep actually just in time forbreakfast which was scrambled eggs with all sorts of veggies, toast, fruit and amazing orange juice which is apparently squeezed from tiny tangerines here- YUM. Then with nothing on the agenda for the day we were free to be as relaxed or busy as we wanted to be. So I jumped in my swim suit, packed on the sunscreen (I may have been a little burned from yesterday) and went onto the dock with everyone else. 

Everyone was reading in the sun or relaxing in the shade with their journals and it was kind of a cloud covered morning so you weren’t overpowered with heat either. No one needed to say anything, but we were all essentially spending time taking it all in. Journaling turned into napping, turned into swan dives into the lake and so on and so on. There’s not really much to write about today except that it was much needed and although we were all kind of in our own head space, we were together (feel free to make fun of the cheesiness). 

I did end up jumping in the water for a pretty lengthy period of time, we got served plates of fruit in the lake like royalty and just floated around. I didn’t think I’d end up being in the lake all night again, but would ya look at that, I was the last one out. There’s a little platform people jump off of and I went up there for a nap before dinner. I’m now known as the most proficient napper on the trip because I take them in the most random places i.e. Bamboo raft over Rapids, platforms over lakes… I just can’t help that I love sleep… AND IT WAS A LONG DAY IN THE SUN OK. 

Dinner was a traditional Thai meal which meant fish, vegetables, soup, rice, chicken … And I’m sure I’m missing something. Unfortunately, I can’t eat fish, but I heard it was quite tasty and some of the best in Thailand! 

After dinner all naps were banned because I guess the night before, no one ended up getting up for games night! Whoops. I did take a solid five though, but didn’t want to miss a good bonding night with the gang so I headed back out to the dock and we all played Salad Bowl. For those of you who don’t know, everyone writes basically whatever they want on pieces of paper that go in a bowl/bucket. You split into teams and the first round is like taboo, so you try and go through as many things in the bucket as you can just using words to describing what’s on the paper, without saying the actual words that are on the paper. Next round is charades, so someone from your group is acting out the things from the bucket- it’s SUPPOSED to be easier because you already have an idea of what’s in the bucket. Then the third and final round is one word, so you have to come up with a ONE word hint for your group to guess what’s on the slip of paper- easier said than fricken done I tell ya. It was absolutely hilarious and so cool to see how everyone’s brains worked/everyone’s trains of thought. 

By then everyone was pretty exhausted, BUT, it was Katie’s birthday the next day- 25!!!!! So we obviously had to stay up until midnight to sing her happy birthday and hug the crap outta her. In the meantime they brought us bagels and cream cheese- I don’t even eat cream cheese at home, but you better believe I had some tonight! 

ITS MIDNIGHT!!!! So we rang in her new year as a 25 year old and that’s all I could really handle before passing out. Can’t wait to snuggle my lovely birthday girl tonight and celebrate all day tomorrow! GOODNIGHT:)

Oh p.s. I’ve stopped wearing a bra- which is kind of a big deal for me- I fricken love Thailand.

And also the hashtag for our trip is #jungleswassandall which you can look up on any social media and find pics that our group members have posted!!