This past week has been a complete whirlwind, I’m so glad I’m writing everything down because there’s no way I would remember it all. 

This morning/afternoon was another relaxing day at the lakehouse/paradise.  We had a big breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon AND sausage- man we’re spoiled! AND since it was Katie’s birthday, we even had a lovely chocolate cake for breakfast- we’re adults, we can do that..  The cake was actually some of the best I’ve ever had- so thanks girl for having a bday. 

We all decided we wanted to stay a little longer in paradise so we just hung around the dock.  I had to stay in the shade because I burned my back and knees pretty bad/ I’m going to be smarter than the sun!  It actually ended up storming which obviously terrified me, but it’s so much different than at home because it’s still hot out and the rain is like bath water.  Also, Liz told me the thunder was just the Lion’s playing around and Julia told me it was Mother Nature hitting the bong.. Which she later corrected to gong. Lol. 

After packing up our stuff- and having the last few bites of cake- we headed into the boats to take us back to the pier.  It was about an hour ride back to Chiang Mai because traffic wasn’t too bad, but we made sure to stop and get snacks anyways.

 Either we’re getting used to the heat or it’s not as scorching out because it was somewhat bearable today. 

We got back to the guesthouse and got our new rooms and clean clothes (YAY).  I immediately showered then came down to the lobby to a) find some food b) reassure my family I’m still alive.  

I had to take out some monaaaay for all the activities we have up ahead, but would ya think my card would let me? Noo, that’s much too easy…  After trying several ATM’s, I bit the bullet and called my bank.  The agent informed me my card wasn’t able to be used internationally…. Good thing I had gone INTO MY BANK BEFORE I LEFT TO TELL THEM I’D BE USING IT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA.  Whatever, all is well and he was incredibly helpful. 

Caroll-Ann and I grabbed some food at the restaurant around the corner (I got a bacon and cheese sandwich.. Judge me) before we had to meet up at eight to go to the tattoo parlour.   

Left to right: Me, Julia, Selena, Caroll-Ann, Emily
 The tattoo place invited us for a little barbecue shindig, and it’s in this crazy cool bustling area of Chiang Mai I didn’t even know existed.  I guess it’s the night market, but there’s tons of shops along the street and everyone’s stands set up on the sidewalk.   

Surprisingly not a sex shop so..
This one’s for you, dad!
 I think about six people ended up getting tattoos and they all turned out AMAZING.  Seriously so proud and they all had such cool, meaningful designs.    
 Nam Jai means water heart in Thai, there’s no direct translation, but it’s basically an eternally selfless person who is always giving to others and willing to give to others.  I’ve only known you a week, but I couldn’t think of a better term to describe you boo.   

A lotus flower and the Thai symbol for good luck. You took this like a pro!  It’s one in the morning and Patrice is still getting inked.. A beautiful ship named Wanderlust floating away with Poseidon’s fist coming out of the water. 

I gotta wake up for some kick ass jungle zip-lining tomorrow though so I’m calling it a night while the bday girl and a couple others go out to dance.  Goodnight again from Chiang Mai!