Alright here we go, off to the jungle with no wifi and no 711’s. Not gonna lie, I’ve definitely been fearing the jungle trek just because I’m really not the most active person and add 30 degree heat and an uphill battle… 

Anyways, here’s the plan for the next few days- drive to the national park, trek to the first village, stay the night, trek to another village for lunch then trek some more to the village we’re staying at for the night, bamboo raft to a port where we get on a boat to go to some floating bungalows/lake house, spend two nights at the lake house and then back to Chiang Mai. 

So we head down with our bags we need for the jungle trek and a bag for the lake house that they’ll be bringing to us after we raft in and hop in some Song Tao’s. We headed to the tourist police station so an officer could wish us well and double check our passports in case something were to happen- they know where we are! He was the sweetest and got a group picture with us, then we drove through the province of Chiang Mai to an adorable little market to get the last few things we needed. 

By this time I had to pee and it costs to go to public washrooms in Thailand so I pay this adorable little old lady and when I came out she holds out her hands and tells me that she loves me, so obviously I had to get a picture with her- because my heart literally melted. Then we headed up to A WATERFALL, yeah. A waterfall. That we swam in. It was glorious. 

After swimming around for a while we got pretty hungry so off we went to a village on the side of the road that had a lovely lunch consisting of fried rice, soup and fresh fruit for us. Back into the truck and it started raining! It was actually so beautiful, and I guess they’re really dying for rain right now so we totally didn’t mind. We got up into the national park, put on our trekking clothes and made our way to the first village. Not gonna lie, the uphill was a challenge and I was sweating buckets, but YA GOTTA THINK OF THE BIGGER PICTURE! The village was adorable filled with cute families, tons of animals and stunning views. We immediately got out of our sweaty clothes and I got into this comfy, cute dress I got at the market on the way here! 

  It was like camping with 13 of your best friends. Just running around, playing with the little kids from the village, playing cards and then getting fed an UNREAL meal including HOMEMADE spring rolls. I don’t care if you don’t like spring rolls- which I didn’t before this trip- you would devour these. Fairly sure I had at least six. I also encountered my first squatty potty and MADE IT MY BITCH. 

Anyways, it was an amazing night with amazing people, ending with everyone sleeping in the same room under colorful mosquito nets, cool breezes and some more rain!! Here’s to the next village!