I actually managed to have an amazing sleep with super comfy blankets they supplied, they served us breakfast and then off we went again into the jungle! 

Okay so. The first bit was very much uphill and I was not digging it. But again, I just kept thinking about how worth it getting to the top would be! (You taught me that mom, after many horrendous hikes in Alberta..) Yeah. It was worth it. It’s gorgeous. Even though again, I was dripping sweat from very inch of my body and my legs felt like jelly- the jungle didn’t seem all that jungley though.. It was still very dry and like hiking through the Rockies! Until you reached the top and saw luscious green everywhere.. 

Then it was downhill to another village for lunch! Where we basically had ichiban noodles and fruit, except obviously the noodle/soup dish was unreal. Then back up a very steep hill… And by hill, I mean we climbed up another mountain and then down again. WE REACHED OUR NEW HOME FOR THE NIGHT! It’s wild, like out of national geographic or something and right by the river- so naturally we immediately changed and jumped in. I couldn’t fathom getting out of my sweat drenched clothes/into a bathing suit so I managed the bottoms and just wore my sports bra… It’s like cleaning it right? The river was actually like bath water, and not just because we were all in it like a big family bath. 

Oh hey, did I mention there’s elephants at this village? Yeah. Elephants. They gave us tons of fruit to feed the three elephants and it was such a cool experience, THEN they got in the water with us so we could help wash them. All of a sudden, the guides are getting the elephants to lay down AND WE ARE RIDING THE ELEPHANTS. I just rode an elephant. In the jungle. In Thailand. I could honestly just leave my blog here and blow enough minds to consider it a success.   

    I’m already in love with elephants, but getting to clean, feed, and roll around with them was out of this world. I still couldn’t get enough of the river so a few of us girls stayed in for a while until we were pruney and best friends. It started to thunder so I was terrified and we went back up to chill with everyone and later enjoyed a lovely meal of curry, rice and veggies prepared by the people live in the village. 

Oh ps there’s really cute kitties here and also we adopted some dogs on our hike who have been following us since day one. It’s precious. Anyways, everyone is playing this hilarious game (I know it’s hilarious because someone was laughing so hard they farted- and no, it wasn’t me) called toilet paper telephone and I need to join in. I can’t wait to share our bamboo ride with you.. But for now, good night from the jungle!