Yaaaaay for sleeping in! I realize every blog post starts with my sleeping patterns, but just pretend you care okay? Okay.  

Today we went to the X-Center where there were three main activities we got to potentially do! – depending on how much of adrenaline junkies we were..  One was bungee jumping, one was drift carting and one was xorbing (which tried to autocorrect to Corning, just FYI).  Originally I had thought I wanted to bungee jump and was super stoked about it, but as cool as it was, I was hoping it was going to be more epic.  Like jumping off a cliff into the great abiss.  It was still rad, over 100m jump probably and a great view of Chiang Mai, but it was pretty much in the outdoor center.. If that makes any sense.  Three group members did it and absolutely nailed it, so I’m obv pretty proud of them.  Drift karting was like go karting basically, which I didn’t do either, but ended up taking loads of pics for everyone- which I actually  love doing because I would hope someone would be willing to do the same for me.  

   So xorbing though, is rolling down a hill in a giant gerbil ball into a lake.  How could someone not want to do that?? I went in one with Selena, and it was the most hilarious thing ever. Except the ball popped and my harness literally tore off of the inside of the ball.. Needless to say Selena ended up with a few war wounds, likely from my foot and we also didn’t make it to the lake.. But I literally almost peed my pants it was so hilarious and amazing.  

     After our afternoon of hilarity and facing fears we headed to Doi Duthep Temple which is at the top of a mountain in Chiang Mai and is said to be the temple where Buddha’s remains are.  It’s absolutely stunning and overlooks the city which makes it even more overhwhelming.  Temples have such a calming feeling about them, it’s extraordinary to even be there to witness them let alone seeing people praying and meditating there.  The temple, however, was up a very large flight of stairs..  But it was obviously worth it.  

             We had planned to do a family dinner when we got back, but our group leader sustained a foot injury from some glass earlier today and decided he should praaaaaaaabably go get stitches when we got back.  So we just kind of lazed around and made our own dinner plans.  I was craving the Mexican place we went to last week so Katie, Lex and I had a roommate bonding dinner and headed over to Loco Elvis’!   


Julia and Lex with “New Old Stock”
 Turns out the same band was there again tonight so we obviously had to stay and the rest of the group joined later!  It was happy hour so yeah, I mean, I had a few peach margaritas- WHICH ARE BOMB BY THE WAY!  And then we headed to backpackers alley which is basically a strip.. Kind of.. Of a million tiny bars playing all different kinds of music, packed with people from all over the place.  It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, but it was a ton of fun.  We danced our faces off and when the clock struck midnight, it was Selena’s birthday!!!!!!!! So this rock group our one leader knows sang her a very happy birthday and we danced the night away!  

    I’m going to go chug this water in preparation for our all day cooking class tomorrow.. Goodnight! Although Julia scared me by saying there might be ants or bed bugs because I have this cluster of extremely itchy, annoying bites on my legs.. So I’ll probably inspect my sheets first.. Anyways, night! Xo