Oh yep 8:30 came early this morning, especially since I was up half the night scratching the crap out of my mosquito bites.. Woops! 

We dragged our sorry butts out of bed and headed down to meet May so we could get our supplies from the market to start our cooking class!  

The market was super cool because it was mostly just locals and she taught us all about the local produce!  Then we took our song tao’s to her house which is about 15 minutes outside of town and she has a huge open air kitchen with lots of individual cooking stations.    

  We got our little sun hats and baskets and went into the garden to pick some basil leaves and apple eggplant!  

We got to pick one from each category to cook!  

 It was a full day from 9-3 of cooking, eating, cooking, eating and cooking and eating some more.. Not to mention a little bit of napping in between!  I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a chef, but after today May certified us all so watch out Canada- I’m bringing Thai home!  

Stir-Friend Chicken and Cashew Nut and a Tofu Vegetable Soup
Homemade spring rolls, handmade by the birthday girl
Red curry
  Everyone pretty much passed out on the way home and then basically zombie walked up to our rooms, I woke up not too long ago, grabbed some food and now bed is looking like a good idea again.. 

Oh p.s. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY! Love you lots and lots, thinking about you halfway across the world! Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful grandpa’s, you mean the world to me and I miss you tons! And finally a Happy Father’s Day to all the encouraging, supportive, one of a kind dads out there! Xo