Sadly our stay in Chiang Mai is over as we pack ourselves into a couple of mini bus and prepare for an eight hour road trip to the Laos border. 

Chiang Mai was stunning and it was amazing to get to know even a little corner of the city, also staying at Libra Guesthouse was like having a family away from your own. So if you have the opportunity to travel to Thailand- go to Chiang Mai and stay at Libra!! 

Luckily the busses were air conditioned and we had tons of space to sprawl out so eight hours really did not seem that long- especially since we stopped a few times for snack and pee breaks.  I’m going to miss these amazing 711’s everywhere!    

  We stopped in Nan for lunch which is apparently the most populated city in the northeast corner of Thailand.  The restaurant we got lunch at was this tiny little Thai place where they barely spoke English, but were more than happy to feed us some Kao Soi!   

 Although I did nap, I made sure to stay up for the rest of the drive after lunch because our leader said it was absolutely stunning. Yeah, he just so happened to be right.  

    We reached the border, but technically it’s just the edge of Thailand where you have to give them your departure card, then take a Song Tao or walk through no mans land to the Laos border where you pay $42 American (if you’re Canadian- I know it’s weird), give them a passport picture and fill out some paper work.  Then apparently it was overtime for them so we had to pay an extra.. Basically $1 for them to slap a sticker on our passport and we were done!  It was relatively painless and something I was kind of dreading so I’m glad it went smoothly! 

Fun fact: Canadians have the highest payment for visas into Laos because apparently we took a prisoner from them for refuge and they did naaat appreciate that.  I’m sure there’s more to that story, but basically every other country pays between $30-35 for their visas. Rude. 

Our next guest house is maybe five minutes from the border and is just a stop over on our way to Luang Prabang. 

Again, it’s someone’s home, so it’s super precious and traditional.  They basically had dinner for us as soon as we got there and it was so good, rice, vegetables, pork (which were like dry ribs and also tasted like bacon) and soup! We all hung around for a bit and decided we’d commence a bad ass monopoly deal tournament when the sun went down. 

Some people played frisbee out front and then we all met up with our game faces on.  I’m obviously the commentator and score keeper so I gotta go order some people around!