Probably the earliest wake up call so far.. But it was worth it because our bus driver put on the most unreal pump up CD.  IF you’re wondering it’s called Let’s Party Non-Stop by DJ Tee Red Beat and is about 75 songs long.. The drive to the slow boat was maybe 40 minutes so we had a mini rave while the other bus slept- LAME-O’S! The CD was so amazing our leader bought it off our driver, it was decently epic. 

I didn’t really know what to expect, but we get to the Mekong River and there’s this giant, narrow boat waiting for us.  

    There were a few little beds and the rest were like bus seats which you can see.  Unfortunately I couldn’t snag a bed, so I curled myself up on a bench and we slept for a good few hours just floating down the river.  They provided a lovely lunch with rice, veggies, curry and PINEAPPLE which I have become addicted to.  After lunch was monopoly deal play-offs, it was pretty intense and our leader, Eric, ended up coming out on top after quite a bit of trash talk the whole afternoon.  

We raved and napped a little bit more before arriving in Luang Prabang! Which is an absolutely stunning city.  It’s basically built around a mountain which has a beautiful temple on top so after we settled into our guesthouse and went on a hunt for an ATM, we hiked up to the temple to watch the sunset.  

        The city is famous for their night market so we walked down the other side of the mountain to do some shopping.  

 I am still adjusting to the currency so I didn’t want to haggle anything yet- we just got some badass donuts instead. Like probably the best donut I’ve had. Wow. 

We all met up around 8 for family dinner which was at Aussie Bar and it was SO GOOD.  I got chicken parmagiana and wine, obv just what I needed in Laos.   

 The owner is in love with Free & Easy so we all got a discount and he also broke out his secret recipe Bailey’s which is probably the best alcohol I’ve ever tasted.  It totally reminded me of my dad (you would’ve loved it, I wish I could bring a bottle back!!) and the cups we got for it are ones I have at my cabin so it was like a little taste of home.  

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Laos is a communist country and there’s a strict 11pm curfew in town.  After the bars shut down, backpackers head to the bowling alley just outside the city! 

So we got back to our guesthouse and went to a nearby bar called Utopia which is the most hipster bar I’ve ever seen in my life. You take your shoes off outside and everyone is sitting on pillows listening to music that would put you asleep.  We all got some Lao whiskey shots and then found some lemon ants on a telephone pole.. Yeah I know, wtf right? But these ants literally tasted like lemon.. So..   

 We left to bowling right after so we could lock down some lanes and it was SO fun, like just outrageously hilarious and such a good time.  I also absolutely anhilated everyone so.. You could say I’m kind of a badass.  


After a little too much Lao whiskey we headed back to our guesthouse and I shamelessly am writing this the next day because well. I don’t know that it would’ve made sense if I wrote it last night…