Have you ever woken up with a calf cramp before? And like immediately wanted to die.. Yeah, well GOOD MORNING IM READY TO CHOP MY LEG OFF. 

Today we went to Kuang Si Waterfalls about an hour outside of town. On the walk to the falls there’s a bear sanctuary- I know random right?  But these moon bears have been saved from horrible camps in China where they use their bile for traditional medicine.  Horrible, horrible, horrible. 

 We hiked up to the top of the falls and all along the way there’s little pools you can swim in.  Almost at the top there’s kind of a secret spot where we went and did a photo shoot (how could you not when you’re swimming in a waterfall)  and spent our afternoon under the falls with a stunning view.   

     We made our way back down and got a little snack before heading back into town.  Most people got crepes which are a big thing here because there’s tons of French influence that has stayed around since France colonized Laos! I was so exhausted from the day, but still hasn’t eaten a meal so Katie and I went back to the Aussie Bar for lunch!  We shared a pizza and a steak sandwich .. SRSLY I HADNT EATEN ALL DAY!! It was so good though and we had a lovely conversation with the owner again/some good bonding time.  

Unfortunately Katie got an infection likely from a bug bite in the jungle and has had horribly swollen feet for almost a week, she went to the hospital in Chiang Mai and got some antibiotics and a few other prescriptions.  The swelling finally went down a bit last night so she sat out the falls to keep her feet up as much as possible.  So clearly after not seeing her all day, I needed an afternoon with her! 

We decided to head back for a nap before going to the night market! I got another tasty treat, some cinnamon/chocolate/peanut Danish and Katie got some unreal chocolate and nut cake/brownie. We wandered the market and she got something for her momma and I got my first souvenir for sister and brother in law I’m excited about!  

Lang Prabang is a world heritage site and it’s definitely a bit more expensive here than Thailand, so most of the rest of my souvenirs will be from Bangkok! 

We decided to do family dinner again tonight because, well, we love each other.  We did a traditional Laos barbecue at a restaurant across the street.  Basically they pop out the middle of the table and put in some coals, and a pan type thing to cook your veggies and chicken! The restaurant was also built into the side of the mountain so it was absolutely beautiful.   


 Time for a snack and TV night, more on the trip tomorrow!