HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!  So many little babies celebrating their birthdays on this trip, I’m jealous!! 

We decided to do a birthday brunch so we went down the alley to Utopia and sat on the little balcony overlooking the river.  And by sat, I mean layed on pillows and blankets and relaxed in the fresh air.  I got a lovely shake and bruschetta which was probably some of the best I’ve ever had.  We headed back to the guesthouse so everyone could change and I got to have a lovely facetime chat with my sissy, and everyone said we sound the same. So there you go Kristin, you’re in my blog- which by the way, is not the first time you’ve made an appearance. LOVE U. 

Then it was time for a pool party! 

We made the theme “Throwback Thursday” and everyone interpreted it in a different way…  There were some hippies, some rockstars and I just used this as an excuse to bust out my giraffe poncho again… 

There’s this amazing outdoor pool that seriously looks like a Mexico resort, with a swim-up bar and everything.    

   We spent almost five hours in the sun and in the pool, prune-ing up nicely!  It was such a fun day and there was this adorable little girl who kept coming to play with us, which Julia was obviously ecstatic about- so happy birthday Jules! They had two for one cocktails so almost everyone had quite a lovely day!  

   To keep the celebration alive, Julia was craving Utopia so we went back for dinner after a little nap and enjoyed the sunset and a nice relaxing dinner with a few of the girls!    


 Then there’s an amazing Canadian restaurant/Cafe that everyone has been raving about called Joma, so we headed there for dessert!  I’ve been CRAVING ice cream so I got peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie- YUM. They also have some amazing looking cakes and pastries that are so hard to stay away from.  


On our way back to our guesthouse, some group members and I decided to walk across this seemingly terrifying bamboo bridge over the river.. I think the picture is in my first blog post from Luang Prabang.  It really led to nowhere, but it was all lit up with pretty rope light so we gave it a shot!   

   We’re headed to Vang Vieng tomorrow morning after getting to see an Alms Giving Ceremony!