The rest of the crew got ready to go kayaking down the river, but Katie and I decided we’d just have a day to ourselves in town!  Also I despise kayaking/ am terrified of it so. 

There’s restaurants here that play reruns of friends all day- IN ENGLISH and they have beds basically you can sit in.. So we spent the better part of our day there, eating, watching friends and abusing wifi.   

Um.. so.. had this banana, chocolate pancake.
 We decided we should probably get up to walk around a bit, but the town isn’t very big so it didn’t take long.  But we did some shopping and Katie got a hilarious Asian hat for our float down the river tomorrow!  We went back to Ohlala for some poutine and then headed to our room for some more HBO and sleep. 

Sorry, not sorry, but we’re back at the cafe watching friends and I’m enjoying  this time to relaaaax! Tomorrow I should have more to blog about, but Sabaidee from Vang Vieng! 
Ps Julia won’t stop hitting on every Asian she sees so I have to monitor her. Bye!