I woke up at the crack of dawn to FaceTime my little fam back home, which was obviously incredibly worth it!  However, it was a struggle and a half because our guesthouse has basically no wifi so I had to stand outside the closed Friends bar. It also only lasted about five minutes because the power shut off due to a fire out of town…  Not sure why that means the whole city shuts down, but it does. So I went back to sleep. 

Unfortunately, because the power was off, that meant no fan.  Which then meant our room was 800degrees by about seven or eight in the morning.  Everyone was up and out of their rooms because it was too hot to sleep and we had to check out by eleven anyways.  But I hadn’t had a good shower in days and the water wasn’t working yesterday so I was determined to have something of a shower before we left.  It took a bit of waiting/hustling/turning off the water and shampooing, but I made that shower my bitch. 

Somehow the street vendors were still making food, so we all packed up and left our backs at Eric and Shayla’s and I went up with Julia to get a pancake.  This time I tried banana, peanut butter though and she even put some coconut milk/sauce/syrupy thing on top that was absolutely unreal.  I obviously went back to the original girl this morning because I trusted her.  

 The lady who made me the sandwhich last night was beside her and I told her I’d come back for another before we left- which I didn’t end up doing because I was so full from the pancake!! Now I obviously regret it because I will crave that sandwhich forever. 

We grabbed all our bags and headed to our minibus that would take us to Vientiane- about a 5 hour drive!  We made a stop at a gas station type place that actually had the nicest bathrooms (for a gas station here).  And there was an ice cream vendor out front selling what I assume is a traditional ice cream/ dessert here.  They had green tea, taro and coconut flavour and you could add sticky rice, peanuts, sweet corn and lychee is ya wanted!  I got taro and coconut with peanuts and threw on some sweet corn.. Let me tell you, it was pretty amazing and worked out to be about $1! 

We made it to Vientiane which is the capital of Laos so it has a big city feel, very bustling and more westernized for sure.  Our hotel even has A/C and as you can tell, amazing wifi!! 

Katie and I are obviously roommates and had a couple hours before dinner so we walked down to the market, which is gigantic and beautiful and wandered around for a bit.  


 Then we had decided to have a family dinner/movie night so we ordered pizza and are now gathered in the lobby watching Jumanji (which, sue me, I’ve never seen).  

Up for an earlyish flight tomorrow to Siem Reap!  Can’t wait for the last country on our trip.. Also HALF WAY THROUGH! Already?? Can’t be! Here’s to the next 20!