HAPPY 148TH BIRTHDAY CANADA!!! Can’t wait to celebrate in Siem Reap! 

Somewhat of a travel day.. We had to leave our perfectly air conditioned rooms in Vientiane behind and board our bus to the airport! 

Katie and I got up extra early so we could have a nice breakfast at a little cafe down the street which I’m grateful for because the airport only had snacks. The airport was super tiny, but getting checked in, waiting and boarding was incredibly painless.  I scored a window seat (yay!) and basically just closed my eyes for the whole maybe one hour flight to Pakse, we got complimentary dried fruit chips too which were lovely.   


I like to take creeper pics.. Sorry Lex
The Pakse airport was even tinier, but we weren’t there for long before we caught our next super short flight to Siem Reap.  Katie and I happened to be seat buddies and basically just laughed the entire way there, also there was free BeerLao on the flight! And a tiny meal of sandwiches and fruit!  

So the Siem Reap airport is beautiful and newly renovated, one of the nicest insides of airports I’ve probably ever seen.. We had to fill out our visa application, pay $30 and I got a new full page sticker for Cambodia!  Also right when you enter the airport they take your temperature.. I thought for sure I was being secretly microchipped, but turns out I don’t have a fever so that’s a bonus.  Then when we went through immigration they scanned our finger prints! High tech sh*t Cambodia.. Geez.. 

All our bags arrived and we took off on a much larger and luxurious bus than we’re used to, Eric and Shayla gave us some tips and insight for Cambodia and we arrived at our new home Popular Boutique Guesthouse! 

Okay so we get off the bus and there’s at least three workers right there greeting us, then we walk through a lush path and there’s a set up of green drinks in martini glasses waiting for us, followed by some more workers. The drink tastes like watermelon with a little mint and was quite lovely! There was yet another worker walking around with ice cold towels, you know, since we’ve had such a long, strenuous day.  We checked in and obviously Katie dibbsed me, but she has a ton of luggage including an awkward parcel that has a giant canvas paint rolled in it so a worker was like let me help you! And we weren’t about to turn down help.. Our room is so cute, air conditioning, wifi, room service.. This place has a pool and Happy Hour from 2-5..  If I never return, you know where to find me! 

Since we’re in a new country, the currency has again changed so they take Cambodian Riel or USD here.  Luckily I had taken out some American money back home so I didn’t need to use the ATM’s, but we went on a tiny five minute tour of the city where Eric and Shayla showed us the main drag.  This included where the night and day markets were, ATM’s, international convenience stores that have your favourite snacks from home (peanut butter, skittles, Gatorade, goldfish, cliff bars and most importantly SALT N VIN’s!!!!) and Pub Street.  

 Essentially Pub Street is filled with restaurants, street vendors, markets and stores filled with anything you could ever want.  It seems like it’s open all day also.. But I think it closes around midnight! Some of us decided to walk around for a bit, mostly because we were starving and family dinner wasn’t until 7, but we got some delicious fruit smoothies for $1 so it was worth it.  

I got a watermelon smoothie!
We checked out a book store and I was very tempted.. Especially since my sister and brother-in-law were adamant that I bring a book/ get one when I’m here, but I’m more concerned with eating food at this point!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind.. 

Katie and I wandered back to our guesthouse, which also has unreal wifi and A/C so we’re still winning and just chilled in the room/ napped until dinner. 

We had family dinner at the guesthouse, and most of us were dressed in our amazing Canada day gear- especially Pat who clearly went all out, maple bacon chips and all..  

 I got a burger because well, it’s Canada day and that’s the most Canadian thing on the menu.  Yeah it was fricken unreal actually so great choice on my part.  

 Then we all decided a half an hour chill before going out to celebrate our Nation’s special day would suffice! I figured, since it’s Canada day.. I may as well shot gun a beer..  So we all did in the street. 

  Also, with Cambodian beer, the tabs are pull offs and you can win free beer!  I should probably buy a lottery ticket because.. FREE BEER!  

 Then we made our way down the street to the Xbar which is kind of like a rooftop bar that had a half pipe on the roof we basically drank beer and chilled out on.  

Pat clearly killed the Canadian stereotype
Cheers Canada!
Sandwiching our fav honorary Canadian!
Me & Selena ❤️
true north strong and free🇨🇦 representing from across the world❤️
mirror selfies in the bar bathroom because that’s what girls do..
As much as we love Canada, Gwen and I decided to take a stroll through the night market/ get home because we have an early day tomorrow at Angkor Wat!  

 So goodnight from Siem Reap and enjoy your Canada Day celebrations!! 

Ps. Kristin, look what I found!!