Even though Angkor Wat deserved all the hype I gave it, there’s no way I can follow a day like that with something more amazing.  Plus, I don’t think I could handle two breathtaking days in a row.. 

So today was a free day! Sleeping in until whenever you going wherever the day takes you.  Katie and I slept in a bit, but mostly just layed in bed chatting and catching up on social media, world news.. Kinda turned that off since I’ve been out here.  Then we decided food was probably necessary so she got sunscreen and bug sprayed up while I took my laundry across the street to finally get my nasty clothes cleaned. 

We walked down and found a precious cafe that had huge open windows and delicious food.   

Banana pancakes with caramel and cranberry sauce.. And also a strawberry milkshake

We were just going to go back to the hotel, maybe chill by the pool, but we decided to get some snacks first and ran into Julia, Selena, Emily D and Liz so we chatted with them for a bit before heading back! 

The sun was mostly gone by the pool so I just decided to lay in the room, have a nice blah day.  I had a little bit of a nap, but woke up with a bit of a tummy ache which I hoped was just because my lack of eating or hydration because we had plans to go to a traditional Khmer dance and buffet. 

A bunch of us took tuktuks to this dining hall basically that reminds me of Mexico when they have shows going on during the buffet for dinner.   

 They had tons of food, and all kinds of food. A few of us decided to share a bottle of wine.  

Are you proud of me Aly?!
 Then the dance started and it was so beautiful, I’m so glad I went!   

 There was a frozen yogurt place across the street- like a real North American froyo shop so we obviously went there after for dessert. Froyo is my jam and I’ve definitely been going through withdrawals so I was more than thrilled.  

The majority of the group wanted to go out after so they headed to another rooftop bar that apparently had sand floors and beer pong tourneys.  I imagine they later headed to Pub Street, but my tummy ache was back so I thought it best I return home. 

I was originally walking back with Katie, but when you gotta go- you gotta go. Welcome to Asia.  I wish I could’ve enjoyed the walk home, but I definitely tunnel visioned it all the way back.  I’m going to try and sleep it off! Hopefully I’m feeling better for tomorrow’s July 4th festivities and sightseeing! Xo