Another city down, we loaded up another bus.. Well really, a luxury coach compared to what we’re used to. We could’ve each had about four seats to ourselves if we really want to. 

A few people were hungover from the night before Fourth of July festivities so the bus ride was pretty quiet.  We stopped a couple times for a pee and snacks, but I was super restless so I just stared out the window most of the time.  Most of the seven hour bus ride, that is.  Since it was a pretty long travel day, I’ll just share some interesting facts about the country side… 

All of the houses are built on stilts because of well, three reasons- they house their livestock underneath, they use it as a shaded area to get stuff done because it’s too hot to do anything in their houses and when it rains, it pours here and their houses would most definitely flood of they weren’t raised.  

   Every so often there will be a mansion, just in the middle of these little villages and huts.  Shayla says its most likely because they have a job with the government- the gap between rich and poor is extremely large here.  
 There were quite a few massive and beautiful temples on our way with massive gates, archways and driveways up to them.  

 Getting into Phnom Penh was absolutely phenomenal and completely different than what we’re used to.  They have overpasses, traffic circles, high rises, embassy’s….  Where are we??  

 We got to 11 Happy Guesthouse and I’m rooming with Katie my lady again!  

 There’s a popular backpackers bar on the roof so we headed up there for dinner and lounged on couches eating chicken fingers (well at least I did).  Our guesthouse has an adorable little movie theatre in the bottom that was showing Killing Fields which has been on my list of movies to watch since high school when I had to most amazing and influential teacher I’ve ever had in my life. 

I’ve always had a fascination with history and she did nothing, but encourage it and fill my brain full of knowledge.  I’d definitely say she was part of me wanting to travel Asia and especially Cambodia. 

Anyways, we watched the movie, it was incredible and heart wrenching and eye opening and so many things.  Definitely gearing us up for our tour through S-21 and the Killing Fields tomorrow.  

After a long day and no nap, this is my goodbye!  Prepare for a pretty heavy post tomorrow. 

P.s. If you aren’t already, get informed about the Greece situation as the vote is today and results are tonight!