Sadly, I have succumbed to my stomach pain so this blog post will be quick and dirty. 

I can tell you about the five seconds I spent outside my room, but I won’t bore you any longer and share some insight from other group members and their days! 

Basically, today’s plan included tuktuks to the war museum at noon, going to the land mine relief center and for anyone who wanted to- going to another temple referred to as the Lady Temple which is near the other attractions.  As I did not want to ever be more than five steps away from a bathroom, I stayed in my room and watched Bruce Jenner, The Interview. I know, gasps shall be heard across the nation, but at least I finally watched it. 

I left the room for a few minutes to go down to the mini mart and get some water, Gatorade and maybe a few snacks that wouldn’t harm my tummy too much.  I also went and picked up my laundry which was long overdue to be cleaned- I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have all clean clothes! Then I came back to the room and have been throwing myself a pity party ever since.  Most of the group is at the circus, which I really wanted to go to, but I obviously had to make a judgement call! 

Instead of whining this whole post, I asked my group members…  I’m just going to start referring to them as my family, because they are. I asked my family to send me a little tid bit about their day or something interesting people would want to hear about. So here goes: 

Caroll-Ann: “The Lady Temple took my breath away💜!”  

   Emily Z: “My highlight was just the Khmer people’s ability to be so happy after such horrible things have happened here. The man at the war museum was talking about the terrors he went through, how much he lost in the war, how he’d literally died 13 times, and then the next minute laughing and joking with us. His resilience was awe-inspiring to me. And the most fun I had today was watching the circus performers having the times of their lives doing tricks and putting on an amazing show for us. People here are so happy it’s infectious. 😊” 

Shayla: “Tuk Tuk rides getting to see everyday life pass by. Just being an observer.”

Katie: “My favorite part of the day was walking up and down pub street with sparklers, celebrating independence day with my Canadian friends and new American friends! The sparklers were a good idea 🙂 :)” 

Emily D: “All of the above + food/cawfeeee at sister srey (made with love <3)”  

Eric S: “An alternative name for the male genitalia is “front tail”.” 

Julia: *this picture needs no words* 


Eric B: “I enjoyed watching Julia’s reactions about as much as I enjoyed the performance.” 

Some pics provided by Selena: