I’ll start again on this day without all the heavy history I touched on in my earlier post because there was more to it! 

I got up earlier with Emily D. And Liz to get some breakfast, we were going to go to a cafe, but decided the restaurant upstairs is cheap and has good food so why mess with a good thing!?  I got a big breakfast to last the day before we met in the lobby around 9.  

and a chocolate shake to top it off…
 The workers at this guesthouse are obsessed with pictures and wanted to snap group pics every five minutes of us. So here we are before we ventured out.  

 We took tuktuks to S-21 and then the Killing Fields. After we took our time learning about the history and culture we headed back to the hotel to decompress and reflect. 

Unfortunately our tuktuk driver ran into a closed road where for some reason there were broken trees all over the road.  So we ended up going basically around the entirety of Phnom Penh which didn’t end up being a bad thing.  We had a nice view of the city, it looked like they were setting up a fair with a Ferris wheel and a bunch of other rides.  Also minutes earlier DQ popped into my mind and I was craving it super hard, dreaming about getting it when I got home when we round the corner and oh what’s that, A DAIRY QUEEN??  I get it universe, you got my back.. THEY ALSO HAD TUTTI FRUTTI. I could live here. Then we saw a bunch of temples and what I can only assume was a palace..? You can be the judge..  

 We got back and were starving, but I needed to take out money so I went to the corner store called Smile where I loaded up on not only USD, but snacks for our road trip tomorrow! (Tim Tams, rice cakes, cherry coke and salt and vinnegar chips)

Then we headed back to the rooftop for some lunch!  There were a few of us that gathered and just hung around, I got a chicken vegetable pizza that was probably some of the best pizza I’ve had here and so massive I definitely shouldn’t have finished it. BUT I DID. 

I decided to go back to the room for a bit and try to cook myself down with a shower, but it’s so hot in our room that’s nearly impossible.  There’s a real movie theatre not ten minutes away so a few of us went to take our minds off of things and got $4 movie tickets, $2 FLAVOURED (Ron you would love this place) popcorn and $1 fountain pop.  I believe this is what they call heaven..  

sweet & toffee flavoured bbq with a nice cold coke
We grabbed our 3D glasses and headed into… JURASSIC WORLD.  Super out of character for me, I know, but it was actually a pretty stellar movie so I didn’t mind! The movie was in this beautiful gigantic mall also, so that was neat to walk through. Oh my god, did I just say neat?  

  It’s absolutely time for bed after a lonnnnggg day… To the beach tomorrow!!