Time to get a quick breakfast in before hopping on our bus to Sihanoukville or Otres Beach.  After an action packed almost thirty days, I think we were all looking forward to a little relaxation time on a beach..  And you know THE OCEAN. 

We got in our beautiful gigantic bus again (actually it was a different bus, which was somehow even nicer than before) and set ourselves up for the next almost six hours.  A couple pit stops later and we arrived on a muddy road with gloomy skies. 

I wanted to make it sound as daunting as possible so that when I tell you how amazingly picturesque it was when we got out, you’ll be blown away.  There’s basically one road through the town lined with restaurants, cafes and hostels.  Our hostel was a short couple minute walk…  But more of a run because it was raining after all.  We got into Rockstar Guesthouse which turned out to be a bunch of hut style bungalows in kind of a semi circle.   

 Katie and I were obviously roommates so we headed to our bungalow and completely embraced the beach live.  Especially since the power was out everywhere due to the storm.  Two other FNEZ group leaders are here (Tony and Amy) for a few days on their time off and they’re super rad gals who just so happen to be our neighbours! 

Oh yeah, and the decks have hammocks.  

I’ve barely been able to get any sleep these past couple of days and barely got any on the bus, so I went down for a hard two hour nap.  I contemplated sleeping until family dinner at 7:30, but we’re at the ocean for goodness sakes. So I put my bathing suit on and headed across the road for a long walk down the beach.  Yeah. This is paradise.  

 I came back and was taking a time lapse video of the sunset (at least as long as my phone would survive) and almost everyone came down to enjoy the sunset, take pictures and really just take it all in.  The sky kept changing from Orange to pink to every colour in between and it was absolutely majestic, I’m so glad I woke up.  We played in the ocean a bit more, got our bums all nice and sandy then headed for a rinse before dinner.  

 Tonight we had Italian! It was actually fantastic, a little restaurant down the road called Poppa Pipo’s where Katie and I shared some wine, bruschetta and pizza.  Some of the best I’ve had here.  They were also having a trivia night, so we did our best to push through our wine brains, but unfortunately none of us prevailed.   

If you can believe it, I’m writing this post from a lovely beach chair outside a chill bar with my feet in the sand watching the waves crash in.  I can’t wait to spend all day living in the ocean tomorrow! Xo