Alright so last night was not the greatest sleep, again.  I just can’t seem to turn off my brain, even though I’m living the dream half way across the world. 

I basically just waited for the sun to rise so I could get up and start the day! Selena, Caroll-Ann and I walked a few minutes down the road to a cute little beach cafe with the most amazing view and a delightful breakfast!  

 We just took our time, relaxed, Selena made a friend (a dog that would not leave us alone) and then we dipped our toes in the ocean for I don’t even know how long.  The concept of time is totally lost out here.  We decided to go for a walk down the beach (the opposite way I went yesterday) and found even more cute restaurants and beautiful scenery.  It truly is never ending.  Unfortunately the amount of garbage on the beach was holding us back from the beauty so we did our due diligence and at least tried to pick up whatever we could.  It seems, though, that it’s an ongoing battle and every time you pick one piece of garbage up, another appears.  

I had yet to try out our hammock, so I went back for a little snooze.  It was quite peaceful once I finally got comfy and didn’t fear I was going to fall out of it.. 

The thing about lazy days is all you want to do is sleep an eat, so after I slept I went across the street to a restaurant called Blame Canada- how perfect and found some of the rest of the crew there.  I got this bacon chicken cheese wrap called the Heart Attack wrap, yeah I could eat several of those everyday. We just lounged around and then Selena, Katie and I went in search of some dessert. 

We found ourselves back at Papa Pipo’s where we shared basically a brownie explosion and some cheese cake…  I may have also had a glass of wine..  I CANT STOP.  It was obviously all delicious. 

The rest of the day was a lot of going to one place, lounging and relaxing, then heading to the next.  But when you’re at the beach and on the ocean, what else do you expect?  The weather was kind of hectic all day, very windy and stormy for the most part, but that didn’t stop us from gathering on the beach before dinner! 

We searched around for another dinner place..  

 Okay. I don’t want to lie to you. So Katie, Julia and I went back to Papa Pipo’s for dinner.. WHY RUIN A GOOD THING OK. AND YEAH I GOT ANOTHER CHEESECAKE.  Sorry if I come back obese, but also not sorry. Maybe I’ll just take some laps in the ocean tomorrow… You’ll have to stay tuned! Xo