You know you’ve had a good day at the beach when even your ears are filled with sand… 

I finally dragged my butt out of bed to go get breakfast, but I let Katie keep sleeping.  I walked down the beach to our little breakfast spot from yesterday because it was nice and secluded and had great wifi. We have lots of days at the beach so I took this opportunity for a little ocean and me time! I got to FaceTime with my sister for over an hour while the wives crashed in and also while I was getting accosted by vendors.  There’s women that walk along the beach with baskets of pedicure and threading supplies… And they REAALLYY don’t like taking no for an answer. Then there’s little kids selling bracelets and men selling sunglasses and tours.  Even while I was face timing people were still coming up to me, including a stranger that wanted to “get to know me”.. Hard pass, thanks sir. 

It was a cloudy day again, but the sun would peak out every now and again so I knew I’d still get my tan on! I layed there until almost five o’clock and it was glorious. Some group member stopped by throughout the day, but I mostly just tuned out from the world! Except when I got my mani pedi from this lovely lady we met a couple days ago.  Her name’s Tamara, she’s 20 and she’s one of the vendors, except she’s amazing and not annoying or nearly as pushy so she can stay.  



I also made this tiny, adorable Cambodian girl hang out with me
We had a good chat about life while she made me look like a girl again. She made me an adorable friendship bracelet just right then and there and so we obviously had to become Facebook friends.  

Shayla used to work at the next beach over last year so whoever wanted to, decided to meet up around 5 and head to Otres 2 (I know, original).  It’s definitely a little fancier over there and the little restaurant she worked at was so nice (had ice cream and happy hour) so we obviously stayed for a bit hoping to watch the sunset, but it was too cloudy.  


 A group of four guys from Switzerland had just checked into one of the bungalows as we were leaving so they joined us.  One of them plays guitar so we just sat around at the restaurant listening to some tunes and enjoying each others company.  But I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so Selena and I decided to head back for dinner (Otres 2 is more expensive okay..). 

It’s about a half an hour walk down the beach, which was lovely and we were good and hungry by the time we got back.  We went to Blame Canada because we were craving the wraps and then made our way home! We leave decently early tomorrow morning for a little island getaway so I’m going to pack and try and get some sleep tonight! Xo