I’ve just accepted the fact that I’ll have insomnia for the rest of the trip, it’s not so bad I mean you’re up for sunrise anyways. 

After a short two hour sleep I decided around 6 that I was done tossing and turning so I went out on our deck for a little reading and hammocking.  Katie slept in Eric and Shayla’s room last night anyways so I had the room to myself. I ended up falling back asleep in the hammock until my alarm went off at 7:30.  I kinda wanted to keep sleeping, but I knew I needed to get breakfast before we headed out on our next adventure! 

I wanted this oatmeal with apples and cinnamon that everyone kept talking about, but sadly that restaurant wasn’t open yet so Emily, Liz and I headed down to Sea Garden! I got some scrambled egg type thing and an Oreo shake!  

 We met everyone back at the bungalows at 8:30 to take tuktuks to the pier.  It was a little bit of a drive through the actual town of Sihanoukville to basically a ship yard. We thought we were at the wrong pier and we were getting shipped to China, but alas we did not.   

 We had to take a terrifying long boat, water taxi type thing to our “party boat” so we could head to the beautiful island of Koh Rong Samloem for the next couple of days! We were not the only ones on the large boat, however, and it was probably the most people I’ve seen puking in a bag in one place. The ocean was incredibly rough and the boat did not cut through the waves very nicely.  I don’t get motion/sea sick, but even I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I spent most of the time rubbing backs and holding hair. Which I didn’t mind as long as everyone started feeling better! We stopped for about half an hour so people could jump in, snorkel and eat some lunch provided by the boat company.   

 The boat ride was about three hours, but once we got to the island we realized it was absolutely worth it.  Breath taking views, crystal clear water, white sand. The ocean’s also like a hot tub in the shallower parts, it’s incredible.  

 There’s only really two restaurants on the island and just a bunch of beach front bungalows.  I think I’ve found paradise.. 

There’s a two story hut-type building with a line of beds overlooking the ocean, one giant slumber party on the beach! 


  I grabbed a towel and a book I’m borrowing from Liz about children’s memories from the Khmer Rouge and walked down to the water.  CRYSTAL CLEAR, YOU GUYS.  I hadn’t put sunscreen on yet though so I went back up and a menacing cloud started circling so I just stayed up there for a nice nap.  I started a bit of the book and actually managed to fall asleep, hard, for three or four hours. It was amazing. A nice breeze, the calm ocean.  Most people just come for a day trip, so the island tends to clear out around three and then- silence. 

  I woke up a couple times and got to see the sunset, but my exhaustion got the best of me until around seven when my stomach took over.  It’s pretty pricey on this island, but fair enough because they probably have to ship everything in. I had some delicious chicken fingers and some of Selena’s amazing feta and spinach pita which was probably the size of her head. 

After dinner most of the group started a game of monopoly deal, but Liz, Julia and I went for a stroll on the beach to cool down a bit.  We found a little store and I got a kit kat because, well, I need chocolate in my life. Everywhere you go you have to take off your shoes so I just haven’t been wearing any, but Liz did and when we came out of the store hers were gone! We walked back to our rooms and there they were.. So she left the ones she wore back and luckily walked away with her own shoes!  Speaking of that, I should probably go find mine.. 

A wild storm just came and went so we’re all hanging out in the restaurant, hut type deal with the tarps down. It’s actually quite cozy and I’m hoping that means it cooled down for bed time!

Here’s to another day in paradise! Xo

Okay I totally wrote this before I went to bed, but then Katie came up all excited saying I needed to come down to the ocean and I would regret it if I didn’t.. Turns out the Bioluminescence was in full effect. The water lights up when you walk through it and it’s absolutely incredible. The sky is so clear right now I’m pretty sure you can see every star in the galaxy, plus the Milky Way! I am unbelievably glad I got up to play in the ocean because I got to glow with nature.. So cheesy, but so accurate. Now I’m going to dream about forever living glow in the dark!