I just kind of layed in bed this morning which I think almost everyone did, and took it all in. That’s the beauty of paradise, you’re not on the clock! Katie and I finally decided to get out of bed and go down for a little breakfast. I got a cheese and tomato omelette to start off my day! I wanted a chocolate shake, but get this- they were out of ice #firstworldproblems. AND they were out of fresh coconuts, how fricken dare they. 

I grabbed all the beach stuff I would need and headed down to meet the others in the ocean.  I tried to lay out in the sun as long as possible (sorry, Alyssa), but I thought I should probably cool down due to the fact I was dripping sweat. 


  We all spent some time in the ocean, but after I while I could feel my face burning so I went in for a little reading an a nap. 

It was around four and some of us decided to get a bite to eat before we walked to the other side of the island for sunset. The walk was through some jungle, into some open fields and through the jungle again until it opens up to a field, white sand, crystal blue water with waves crashing in.. Completely full of nature and clear of people.  There was somewhat of a dock so we all went out on that to watch the sunset, it was incredible. Unfortunately, because of the time of year, we were only able to see some of the sunset.  We had to hustle back somewhat quickly so we weren’t barefoot trekking through the pitch black jungle!  

I wasn’t quite hungry enough when we got back so Julia and I went into the ocean for a solid chunk of time.  As the sun went down, the bioluminescence came out and she didn’t see it the night before so it would absolutely incredible watching her experience it for the first time. It’s indescribable and you just can’t understand it until you’re in it. 

We grabbed some dinner and then Eric and Shayla had a little surprise for us on the beach where we dug little holes to put candles in- a make shift fire basically, not some terrifying ritual. You can’t have fires on the beach apparently, fair enough because it’s windy and everything is made of twigs basically.  After passing around a couple bottle of wines and doing our best to keep the candles alive, we decided it was ocean time. 

You better believe the bioluminescence were even more incredible and pretty much our whole group just floated around.  Julia, Selena and I stayed in for the better part of the night while most of the group/some others lived it up at the beach bar playing some beach volleyball. 

Do I have to leave the island tomorrow? Xo.