Okay, I seriously don’t mind waking up to this view.   

 I was craving this pancake some people got yesterday so I got up for breakfast, only to find out the restaurant right beside our rooms was out of basically everything.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re on an island.. Luckily I survived and we walked down the beach to the other restaurant.  We just relaxed there for a bit before hitting up the serene beach one more time. 

I wanted to get my tan on so I layed out for a while, but started profusely sweating because it was a million degrees and direct sunlight.  I thought bugs were on me, but nope, just beads of sweat.  So I ran into the ocean and it’s kind of funny because as soon as a couple people go in, our whole group ends up coming in. We had a little family hang out in the ocean for a while, roasted up nicely and then a new boat of tourists came in so I went back to claim my spot on the beach. 

I actually managed to read for a bit because the sky got cloudy for just a moment and then I joined Shayla for some more reading in the sand.  We were leaving at 3:30, so I stayed on the beach for as long as possible and ended up falling asleep.. Liz came and woke me up like the sweet angel she is so I had time to rinse off and we grabbed our bags and headed to the pier.  I don’t know if I shared with you how terrifying the end of the pier is/getting onto the boat/getting from one boat to another.. But it is hella precarious and the workers are gripping you quite tightly as they help you from one plank to another. 

We managed to get a sick spot on the second level, basically a semi circle of couches so we could all sit together.  The sun wasn’t beating down either so it was beautiful and there was free tea and coffee- which we got iced! 


Hannah and Kristin made it on the boat in time!
    I was actually paying attention to my surroundings this time and there’s this tiny island in the middle of the ocean with what looks like a temple on top.  There’s little shacks surrounding it, but it looks pretty trechurous to try and get to…  

I made the mistake of drinking half an iced coffee when I know it doesn’t sit well with me so the end of the boat ride was a bit of a battle with my stomach.  I was very happy to get back onto land and even better- back to our home at Otres.  

 Katie and I snagged an enclosed bungalow this time so we wouldn’t get eaten alive by Mosquitos and we have A/C so we can breathe! I barely ate all day so we headed back to our favorite spot, Papa Pippo’s.  We barely talked at dinner because we were hungry hungry hippos and enjoyed a familiar meal!  That’s the funny thing about travelling, you stay in one place long enough and it becomes a home away from home. 

Blame Canada threw us a little party tonight, obviously to celebrate how awesome we are and its pirate themed so..  

I got branded with a “mom” tattoo
from left to right: katie, me, eric, shayla, caroll-ann, emily, gwen