One of our last travel days, it’s definitely bitter sweet! Although as much as I loved the beach, it has not stopped raining the past couple of days so it’s time for a change of scenery!  

I went back across the road for a big breakfast at our favorite lady’s restaurant and then loaded my stuff into our two mini busses.  It was storming pretty violently and made for kind of a cool drive through what Katie and I are going to call the foothills.  The clouds hung low, but everything was incredibly lush and there were tons of tiny waterfalls on the sides of the highway because of the layered rock and intense amount of rain.  I haven’t been able to sleep on the busses lately, but mostly because I’m too interested in looking at the scenery!  

 There were tiny, cute towns along the way with school children running up and down the roads in their precious little uniforms.  We stopped for some lunch and a bathroom break where I got an awesome picture of the signs I was talking about in my last post. 

 We made it to the Thai-Cambodia border in pretty good time, but as soon as you get out people swarm you trying to sell you bus tickets, ferry tickets, carts to take your bags to the other side and anything else they could possibly force on you.  You have to put your tunnel vision on and we headed to the departure gate, gave them our passports, departure cards and fingerprints then walked through no-mans land to the Thai border! Also painless, filled out another arrival card and got our visas (which are free in Thailand for 30days by the way!).  We got in our next mini busses and drove through the jungle to our ferry.  

It was Katie’s first ferry ride, awh! About 45 minutes later we made it to the island of Koh Chang!  It was another bit of a drive through somewhat trechurous roads (at least they were paved), but they threw us every which way. You could see the ocean and beatiful green jungle though so it was worth it.  There’s also little town after little town AND we must be back in Thailand because there’s 711’s EVERYWHERE!  

We arrived at our new home for the next three nights and it is the most precious little resort called Nature Beach and it’s right on the ocean! 


  We decided to meet up in a bit to see where the next town over is, atm’s and mini marts (our staples in every town). You can kind of walk along the ocean, some rocks to get to the atm/convenience store, but then you have to walk single file on the highway for a few minutes to get to the next town.  

Family dinner was at 8 at our resort and we all just lazed around eating and chatting until we got up to pay and suddenly there was an intense fire dancing show on the beach.   

 Out of nowhere, two guys just lit up some batons and poi and started throwing them in the air. It lit up the entire beach and was the perfect end to the night! I’m off to get a good nights sleep for beach Olympics tomorrow!