Apparently I really needed sleep, and being in an air conditioned room definitely helped.  I think I managed to force myself to keep sleeping until around noon… Woops. 

By that time I was obviously pretty hungry and Katie had just come back from a long walk on the beach so she joined me for a bite to eat at a little restaurant across the road.  There’s pretty much a tiny restaurant every five steps and they all have the same sign (likely sponsored by the beer company), but they all have different names.  They probably all have the same food too, but we loved the little lady that worked there so it was a no brainer.  I got the “big breakfast” which had two eggs, sausage, bacon, cereal and a delicious baguette for $3.50. Bigger bills are really hard to break here, basically anything $20 and up. I’m trying to just use my change until we leave Cambodia so I don’t have to break my $100.  With prices like that, I think I can probably manage a couple more days! 

When we were walking to get food Lex gave us a heads up about some shady action that went on around our guesthouse last night…  We went to find the others after breakfast to get the details.  Low season is really hard for the locals because there’s a large decrease in tourism and just traffic in general so break-ins can be common.  I guess in the wee hours of the morning, Emily Z and Gwen woke up to a man poking his head in their room.  Luckily nothing was taken, but it obviously wasn’t a good feeling.  A few other rooms said they heard someone playing with their locks obviously trying to pick them.  There’s also two puppies that long term residents of the guesthouse have and one of them was poisoned.  I don’t know if we just slept right through it or had fortified our room enough, but we didn’t get any action.  The family that runs out guesthouse was infuriated and I guess they really worry about us when FNEZ stays there because we’re like family.  Nothing was taken and no one was hurt, it really could have been a lot worse. 

It’s definitely rainy season, it’s been crazy storming all day.  I think I jinxed it because when we got back yesterday I commented about how dry the roads were! We all just kind of hung around, got our wifi fix.  Julia, Katie and I walked down to a nice convenience store and got some snacks then went back to our rooms to chill.  I managed to finished the book Liz lent me and slept for the better part of the afternoon.  

We met for family dinner at 8pm and walked down to Sea Garden where we had preordered for our group.  Most of us got the burger and it was actually amazing.  It tasted like a loaded barbecued burger, but nothing like dads! We also got wine or bear with it and the whole meal was $4!  I’d been dreaming about the cheesecake at Papa Pippo’s since we went to Koh Rong so Katie, Carroll-Ann, Julia and I went there for some dessert.  It was obviously delicious and we’re officially regulars there so they also treated us like family.  They’re so amazingly sweet and love to just chat with you.  I told them I’d give them a special shoutout because that place was such a staple for us! 

I wandered back to our guesthouse to take a nice long shower and repack my bag because we leave for Thailand tomorrow. Not a very action-packed day, but it was the relaxing day we all needed!