Katie and I woke up around ten and decided to wander into town to do some exploring and get some breakfast.  We stumbled on this adorable cafe called Sleepy Owl that just opened as we walked up.   


 They didn’t really have breakfast, but they had a milkshake that was calling my name…

 Chocolate chip milkshake with a giant scoop of gelato on top.. Wow. It was amazing. I got a sandwich too, but that’s really nothing to bore you with.  We wasted away a couple hours in our favorite new cafe before heading back for Beach Olympics. Normally I would withdraw myself from competition because that side of me can get a little frightening, but it’s Beach Olympics.. Come on. 

Katie and I got some drinks for the day, she got a lovely flotation device and we got ready to meet everyone at the beach where we drew names for teams.  There was four teams of three and by a stroke of fate Katie, Liz and I ended up on a team.  If that’s not meant to be I don’t know what is.  We had a few minutes to come up with a team name and a little jingle/dance.  I wish I had the videos on my phone because they were all epic. We were the International Slaya’s then there was Gwen and the Testes (Gwen, Eric B, Pat), The Power Puff G’s (Selena, Julia, Emily D) and Frenglishous (Caroll-Ann, Emily Z, Lex). 

There were ten events, the first one was shotgunnning which Katie obviously annihilated so we took that one.  The second event we had to lay our towels or sarongs down and it was like musical chairs, but we had to lay on our tummies on the towel when the music stopped.  I made it to the bitter end, but came in second for our team.  The third event, everyone from your team had to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth without dropping it- we also crushed this event.  The fourth event was an egg toss that Liz and I did pretty well in until I basically caught the egg with my ear…  The fifth event was a four legged race we tried to over strategize for and ended up bombing, but also tumbling into the sand together and it was hilarious.  

 The sixth event was a frisbee toss, we had to try and hit the stick (a bullseye) or land somewhere within the rings around the stick to get points. For most of us having never thrown a frisbee before, everyone did pretty well! Then it was time to limbo.. I can’t even describe to you how, but I won limbo.  Caroll-Ann and I both crumbled on the last level so we ended up tying, but there are some tiny, flexible girls here and Caroll is tall so I was extremely impressed with us.  I really wish it was documented so I could understand how my back bent like that, I also busted out a tuck and roll move that kept me in the game… I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!  The eighth event, two of us had to stand with a ball between our bellies and try to roll it up to our mouths with no hands.  You had to hold it with your mouths for three seconds and it had to be touching both people at all times…  Liz and I did not come out even close to on top, but it was extremely hilarious and we all got quite a bit closer to each other..  


Shayla and Eric being leaders and showing us how it’s done.
 The final event on the beach was obviously a sand castle making contest that had to encompass something from our trip.  We made Liz into a ladyboy, accompanied by some other inside jokes and WON!   

 Comedy always wins.. Even though the other teams created some sick monuments including Angkor Wat.   

from left to right: Lex, Caroll-Ann, Emily Z
  We could not have ended on the beach at a more perfect time because it started absolutely pouring rain, but that just made playing in the ocean that much more fun!  We only had about a half an hour until we were meeting at the front to head to Shayla and Eric’s friend, Woody’s new bar called RastaView.  He picked us up in his truck and we piled in the back, yes, all 14 of us. It was an amazing drive through the freshly rained on jungle and the bar is like an oasis.  I can’t even begin to describe how you feel when you step into the green, yellow and red pavement.  Everything is rasta, everything is Bob Marley and you’re looking out onto a stunning view.   

 Our last challenge was “war” and it’s basically beer pong, but there aren’t really any rules and all the balls are live so you just keep throwing until one team is out of cups.  Sadly, we lost the first round, but we prevailed in the second round landing us a third place spot.  


  Luckily our momentum off the top pulled us through to SECOND PLACE IN BEACH OLYMPICS only by a three point difference to first.  Pretty fricken impressive if you ask me.  

from left to right: Gwen, Me, Katie, Liz

from left to right: Julia, Selena, Me, Liz, Emily D
 The day was absolutely glorious and some of the most fun I’ve ever had then we all hung out at Rasta and Woody and his friends cooked us up a FREE barbecue!  They made amazing kabobs, salad and mashed potatoes.  It tasted like a home cooked meal and was delicious. I will be craving that again for sure.  A couple other tourists stopped by so we all just hung around and chatted.  We had a little powwow and got all sentimental with each other, I won’t get Ito the gorry details… 

Although we did see TWO scorpions tonight so that was decently terrifying, but also super rad. 

We made our way back to town to dance our way into the night.   




from left to right: Eric S, Emily Z, Me, Shayla, Caroll-Ann
Katie and Pat

 Everything is so chill here and everyone is so incredibly nice.  I’ve never felt more safe or exactly where I needed to be.  I debated writing about this day because it was such a special moment for me and I imagine for everyone in our group, but I think that’s the beauty of travelling.  I think it’s moments like these that you need to share so you can convey to people the feeling of letting yourself be present and be somewhere that’s out of your comfort zone.  

We have a beach clean up tomorrow that will be the cherry on top of a perfect time at Koh Chang I can’t wait to tell you about! Xo.