Do we have to leave? I think I’ve decided I’m just going to live the island life for a bit… 

We got into our mini busses and headed to the ferry, it was a short ride over, but definitely bittersweet seeing Koh Chang disappear in the distance.    

  It’s about an 8-9 hour drive back to Bangkok so we all did our best to sleep, but for some reason I had an overactive bladder and just was not feeling a travel day.  It was mostly city driving so not too much to see, although when we were still in somewhat of country side there was a sign saying “Caution: Elephants Crossing” so that was pretty hilarious.  





 Well we’ve officially come full circle, it’s been an unreal journey with still two days left in Bangkok.  Being here feels normal, like we’re back where we should be…  Or nothing really changed when we left.  It’s definitely a strange feeling. 
I’m busy filling out an intense survey about our sensational trip and outstanding leaders, I gotta give them credit where credit is due.  It’s so cool seeing people exactly where they want to be and knowing that’s exactly what they should be doing.  Shayla and Eric, you’re the and I am jealous of every single next group that gets you as their leaders, friends, spirit guides, rocks and absolute loves.  

I can’t stay up anymore, maybe tomorrow will be a more interesting day! Xo