HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! Our last birthday of the trip, and boy did we go out with a bang! 

The day started off slow, a late wake up and we changed the beach clean up from one to three so we had more time to laze around.  Originally we were going to take a school with us on our clean up, but it didn’t end up working out this time- I hope in the future that’s something the trip can do! 

Katie and I obviously needed one more chocolate chip milkshake before we left so we took the extra time as our perfect opportunity.  Along the way to the Sleepy Owl, we saw loads of monkeys on the power lines and in the trees!! 



 We met up with the group at three to take Song Tao’s to RastaVie so we could get the clean up started with Woody! While we were hailing some trucks, a donut cart rolled up. I don’t think you could ask for better timing.. We all got a couple donuts for the fifteen minute drive and headed out! 

Woody is such a genuine soul and would open his heart and home to anyone, but as many people do, he has an extra soft spot for Free & Easy. You wouldn’t expect it from him because he is tatted and pierced from head to do and used to have dreads down to his knees, plus he owns this ballin’ restaurant & bar which doubles as his home and tattoo shop.  Anyways, he is really into trying to clean things up so he’s all about helping us out.  We took a few minute walk down the road to a nearby temple that is littered with garbage and did our best to clean it all up.  Across the road is the garbage pick up and just from half a days garbage from the local businesses and homes there was already heaps of bottles, garbage etc.  Not only is Woody appreciative, but locals LOVE IT.  We were getting honks and thumbs up, a police officer even stopped to take pictures with us! Now how cool is that??  We walked back down to the beach and walked along until we had that sand as spotless as possible!  

 After that fun in the sun, we obviously needed what was probably going to be our last dip in the ocean.  It was a ton of fun and I’m glad I basically live in my bathing suit.  There was coral/ rocks all along the bottom though so you really had to be careful, but it was a great cap to the clean up.  


 We headed back to the road and a Song Tao driver saw what we’d been doing and offered us a FREE ride back to RastaView!  Karma is brilliant.  We all chilled at Rasta to watch the sun go down and they fed us some fresh fruit while we chatted and soaked in the view.  

 Liz’s birthday dinner was at Joy Cottage at 8 so we headed back to get ready and DAMN Liz got dressed to the nines!  

 The restaurant had amazing homemade pizza and a live performer that sang happy birthday to Liz!  They also brought her out a pancake (like the street food from Laos) with candles on it!   

  There was beautiful sayings all over the restaurant and some were translated semi-poorly, it was pretty hilarious.  

Most of us went to the Reggae bar to kick the night off with some drinks and dancing.   

 Tom, the hella cool old Thai guy made sure Liz got nice and happy on some margaritas.  We had some free bucket tickets to we went to the next bar over, danced in front of the fan and they kept serving us free buckets… Even after the tickets ran out… Seven of us girls were the last ones standing so we tag teamed those buckets and got them finished!  

 We also obviously played with our little pug friend a little more, he loved getting his back end scratched and it’s absolutely hilarious/ I don’t blame him.  

 Tom wanted us to come back after we got our drink on so we went back for some more dancing at the reggae bar! We headed home around 2:30, stopping for snacks and such then Lex and I were feeling a beach bonding sesh so we laid out there for a good two hours.  It absolutely poured and there was an intense storm, but the lightening was stunning and looked like it lit up the entire world- it was also purple. The thunder was crazy, like surround sound.  Usually thunder terrifies me, but it was like getting to be apart of mother natures magic and I absolutely loved it.  

We wanted to stay until sunrise, but it was getting a little chilly in our soaking wet dresses and the cold sand so we wandered back to our rooms.  Poor Katie was sleeping, I felt so bad, but fortunately she let me back in the room so I could rinse off the entire beach I brought home in my dress and on my body.  I think this is the first time I’ve used covers when we haven’t had A/C. Only a couple hours to sleep before we have to get up to head back to Bangkok! 

I HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY LIZ, you’re a beautiful soul and I’m obsessed with you. Love you ways Xo.