Katie and I slept until we couldn’t sleep anymore, but clearly we needed it.  We dragged our butts out of bed in the early afternoon and had some breakfast then Liz and Emily presented us with the idea of going to the Baiyoke sky tower for sunset.  It’s Katie’s last night in Bangkok and we planned to have a family dinner so we did some rearranging and a group of us tuktuk’d to the sky tower around 5!  

  Just before that Katie had a dress fitting because she’s getting a custom gown made for her brothers wedding (it’s beautiful). Within 24 hours they basically had it finished, they just needed one more fitting and to put the final details on! We’ll get to see the final product tomorrow!! 

It was rush hour when we made our way to the sky tower and to top things off our tuktuk driver had no idea where he was going and lost the other group in front of us he was following. I mean at least we got to see more of Bangkok, and it was a lovely little adventure with Emily Z, Gwen and Pat.  We got to the Baiyoke district and it was quite fancy!  Plus there was a huge market surrounding the tower.  We managed to find our other friends (Liz, Katie, Emily D and Caroll-Ann), but it was one hell of a process to get up this tower.  I think we took a total of 4 elevators before reaching the top.  Our tickets came with one drink at the rooftop bar, I got a margarita and we all sat like classy bitches enjoying our free drinks.   


Gwen & I ❤️
Emily Z & Pat
It was just about time for sunset so Emily Z and I walked up a flight of stairs to the 84th floor- a rotating, open air sky deck- and watched the sun go down over the vast city that is Bangkok.  It was one hell of a view, plus we felt like we were on The Hangover 2 so I can’t complain.   




  It was a pretty pricey affair, but I’m so glad we went, we had tons of fun and then we got to haggle with a tuktuk driver to get a ride home.  He didn’t really try very hard and he was absolutely hilarious, it was quite the experience.  He was making jokes and swerving in and out of traffic… Safely though… 

We got back with a little time to spare before dinner at Bombay Blues, a swanky Indian restaurant around the corner.  I’ve never had Indian before/ didn’t think I’d like it, but it was absolutely unbelievable.  It was super traditional, we all sat on pillows on the floor and the restaurant was absolutely beautiful and super busy.  We got some shisha, a few shots and started the night off right!  I ordered chicken simosas and shared some naan bread with Katie and Emily Z… So. Fricken. Good.  All of us agreed we needed to come back tomorrow.  

I’m considering this my last night in Bangkok too, because tomorrow I’ll be mourning the loss of my best friend.  We grabbed some drinks at 711 and headed to Koh San road for one last rager at Bucket Bar.   


Lex & Shayla
 I ran into not one, but TWO people I used to go to school with. 

Camille, Me, Justin

The universe is a crazy and mysterious place I tell ya..  I hope you have amazing trips Camille and Justin! The bar was packed, the music was on point and we danced the night away like the big, happy family we’ve become.