Oooh that was a rough wake up this morning, Katie and I immediately hit up the nearest 711 for some water and toasties before going back to sleep.   

Another super awesome relaxing day, Katie and I went for her final fitting at 2 and oh. My. God. She looks like she should be the one getting married, her dress is absolutely stunning- IN LESS THAN TWO DAYS THEY WHIPPED THIS TOGETHER! Unbelievable. I can not wait to see pictures from the wedding! 

Katie, Pat, Caroll-Ann and I all needed to do some souvenir shopping so we spent the better part of the afternoon on Koh San bartering with some vendors.  Caroll and I stopped for street food and I got some delicious fried rice, but barely ate any because you know.. Still not feeling so hot.. I did some shopping, but I still have so much to do and no time to do it! Sorry if I don’t get you souvenirs fam and friends, I still love you!! 

We planned to do a family picnic in the park and watch sunset, but the sprinkling all afternoon turned into a down pour and put a damper in those plans.  We gathered by the pool instead where there’s a covered part to have a little family meeting.  Katie wanted to buy a few more things before she had to leave so we went back to Koh Sahn and she got some wicked chopsticks!  

We spent our last bonding time watching our fav HBO channel and cuddling in bed before it was time to head down to the lobby and say goodbye to everyone.  I couldn’t say goodbye in front of everyone, especially because so many people were bawling so I went with her to see her off in the cab and I think we hugged about ten times.  I’ve never met a more sincere, true, wise, resilient, positive twin soul in my life and I can’t wait to see her whether it’s in Canada, the states or halfway across the world again.  I already miss you more than words my beautiful friend, have a safe flight and say hi to the fam for me!! 

The group knew how close of a bond we have so everyone was being extra sweet to me when I came back, a few of us went back to Bombay Blues for one last night of Indian food and shisha together. It was a fantastic way to spend my actual last night in Bangkok, but it’s been a long, draining day and I need to prepare myself for a big travel day tomorrow! I’ll see you soon Canada. Xo