I’m so glad I’m not the last one to leave, I think I would be emotionally drained if I had to say goodbye that many times. 

Seeing my little peanut off last night was enough, geez now I know how my parents feel.  But waking up this morning to say goodbye to two more was just as sad.  I don’t get super emotional, BECAUSE I’M MADE OF STEEL. (Or my heart is the size of the grinch’s) But I think it’s just because I’m confident in the fact that I will see these beautiful people again. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I’m content in the fact that whatever’s meant to happen will happen. 

We sent Gwen and Emily Z off this morning for Vietnam, (after I iced Em Z as Katie’s last wish) have an amazing trip girls, be safe, I’m so jealous and thinking of you always- can’t wait to come visit you in yvr!  You’ll always have a spot on my couch and a place in my heart ❤️. 

I went back to sleep for a bit, but dragged my sorry butt out of bed around ten to do some more shopping on Koh Sahn with Julia.  We had a beautiful morning bonding sesh and I got everything I needed.. Probably more than I needed.. And went back to Wild Orchid so I could shove it all in my pack.  Lex, Julia and I hung out in my room until it was time for check out.  

I left the guesthouse around 1pm after grabbing one last toastie from 711, hugging my little babies as tight as I could and wishing them the best on the journeys life has in store for them! I can not WAIT to see where everyone’s lives and travels take them, my heart is just so full thinking about it!  They all stood outside Wild Orchid blowing kisses and saying “bye Bad Beccs!” which became my nickname rather quickly this trip.. And I don’t mind it one bit.  

Shayla and Eric walked me to the cab and did the ‘ol tap on the glass before we pulled away.    

  I was tempted to just plug in and relax, but this is my last time driving through Bangkok for probably a while so I stared out the windows and took it all in!  It’s really an amazing city, and it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in my blogs before, but they have these giant portraits of the royal family everywhere, but they’re the strangest pictures… Some are candids and they look like they’ve been softened or edited to the max.. I tried to snap some pics.  

 This airport is absolutely immaculate and there are stores galore.  Anything you could ever want or ever need is in this massive airport. I treated myself to a giant ice cream treat from the cream and fudge factory (it was calling my name) and took my time eating it before it was time to board.  

  Flying in Asia or on Asian airlines is a such a painless and efficient process, you board, they close the cabin doors, do their safety announcement while they’re taxing and you’re off before you can think twice.  Plus they have hilarious emergency response videos. 

I was getting super tired before boarding so I hit my neck pillow as soon as I sat in my beautiful window seat and thought I slept for at least a couple hours… Nope, just an hour. I missed dinner again though, woops.  Thankfully I had that toastie and a bowl of ice cream the size of my head. Plus you know I loaded up with 711 snacks! I can’t stop thinking about the feeling travelling gives you, it’s out of this world and you can’t understand it until you experience it.  I’m just thinking about what everyone of my little chickens is up to, how excited I’m going to be seeing my loving and supportive family and how I can’t wait to start my next adventure! 

I pretty much passed out as soon as I sat down on my flight to Shanghai. There wasn’t much of a layover to board the long lag of the trip to Vancouver, especially because I’m now a pro in the Shanghai airport so I knew where to go and what to do *humble brag*.  Although they must be looking for someone because they looked at our tickets and ripped them at the top of the escalator (the actual boarding counter), then again before we got into the terminal and then in the middle of the terminal they had people suspiciously looking at everyone’s passports… They then checked my ticket two more times after getting on the plane, probably to avoid any confusion, but that was very strange… You gotta hand it to them though, they get shit done. 

I tried to catch my jet lag before it began so I stayed up basically my entire flight to Vancouver watching movies, although you better believe I made another Asian best friend. We totally cuddled, or maybe she was fighting me for the arm rest.. Whatever.  

 Well, it’s official, I’m back in Canada. 

    I could not be more conflicted. Asia was amazing, it was brilliant. Travelling was everything, it IS everything, but I pretty much bring myself to tears every time I think about seeing my family at the airport.  It’s so weird to think about all these people at the airport, where they’re coming from, where they’re going, WHY they’re going. There’s definitely a culture shock, I miss my Thai friends, the beautiful people from Laos and Cambodia.  Every time I would wake up from a tiny nap on the plane I would think for a minute that I was still with my group and that if I looked around I’d see one of them.  They were truly my life line for 40 days and I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do without them. 

My flight home from Vancouver was great, I had an entire row to myself and just watched Border Security and the Food Network for an hour.  I can’t believe I’m home…  This is the strangest thing, I think I’m going to go into a sleep, Orange is the New Black and food coma for a while. Miss you Asia! ❤️ 

P.s. My Vitamin Water is sassy AF