Today marks a week since I’ve been home from my month and a half travel to south east Asia.  I think I’m still in a daze? Maybe it’s the lack of exploring or fast paced living, but I feel like I just haven’t been here the past week.  Getting back into the groove of things is HARD, especially getting back into a normal sleep pattern.  See, over there it was easy because I was so excited and we were so busy and you didn’t really have time to think about sleep or missing family or your regular daily routines.  Everything just sort of clicked and you were on for 40 days. 

I made my rounds with seeing family and catching everyone I could up on the past six weeks. 





  Trying to figure out a quick couple sentence speech to regurgitate every time I get asked “how was your trip,” it’s not that I don’t appreciate getting asked, but there’s just no right answer.  I could tell you a million different things, but you just wouldn’t get it.  I want to be able to explain it and sit down and have hour long conversations without being arrogant or pretentious or what have you about my adventure, but I know that’s not going to happen.  All I’m hoping is when I say my trip was amazing, and I want to go back, you are encouraged to travel for yourself. 

I don’t think I’ve worn anything besides my elephant pants or Free & Easy tank and shorts since I’ve been home. I also haven’t worn any make up, and not having a bum gun is weird.. Driving is also weird and as necessary as it is here, I wish I could just hop in a tuktuk.  I didn’t really miss the food from home as much as I thought I would, in fact I find I get way too full ridiculously fast here and I’m hungry five seconds later… Although maybe I’m just bored.  A week is nice, but I’m ready to go back to Asia.  Or at least keep travelling, SOMEWHERE. I left my heart in a lot of places, but I found pieces of my soul everywhere while I was travelling. 

If anything, this fuels my fire and I can’t wait to start my next journey somewhere new.  I miss my 13 best friends every day and am waiting to wake up next to Katie again, every time I go into a 711 I look for toasties and I’ve definitely tried to pay for things with Baht…  I hope all my chickens are having amazing summers, whether it’s in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philipphines, Colorado, Calgary or India- I’m thinking of you!! And to everyone out there travelling and experiencing their adventure right now, I get it. And I’m so very jealous. 

#RebeccaGetsReal xo