In the spirit of Christmas …. But mostly trying to prove to myself that I can accomplish some things in the kitchen …. I’ve decided to challenge myself to bake a different Christmas dessert i.e. Cookie, tart, loaf etc. every week. 

I realize this sounds rather lazy, one a week, but I’m a full time student and thus busy and poor! So unless you want to send me ingredients, you’ll bear with me. 

To be honest, I started last week and only now thought to blog about it… As I stare up at my dark ceiling trying to fall asleep.  I keep hearing what sounds like an ice cream truck, but mostly just the same few notes of a song (?) over and over again; it also sounds rather busy outside for a Tuesday night. Don’t college students have anything better to do? 

Anyways, last week was Rice Krispie squares. *Festive Rice Krispie squares* (which I wanted to call Rice Krispie  treats, but my roommate was having none of that) with the green and red pieces in them and everything! One might think, well that’s too simple. But don’t worry, I managed to somehow mess up the three ingredient recipe as if it were my job:) Not enough marshmallows… even though I swear to you, I melted exactly how many they called for.  Oh well, they still stuck together and still got devoured by my roommates. Mostly just on roommate… Love you Jayden hehe. 

Sadly I don’t have any photos to showcase the magical treat, but I promise to have some for the rest of the Christmas baking challenge! This week- using my momma’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies… Stay tuned to find out how I make them festive! 

Ps. If you have any recipes you’d like me to butcher, please feel free to send them my way!