I ALMOST procrastinated too hard this week… Yes I realize it’s the second week in, but I’m very lazy and its cold outside (that’s a real excuse??). 

Not to fear, I committed today to moms chocolate chip cookies! And woooww they did not disappoint!  

In keeping with my Christmas theme, I used Christmas coloured mini eggs instead of chocolate chips.  The one problem is mini eggs are gigantic (that’s an oxymoron) compared to chocolate chip so I either had to crush ’em all up or somehow cut them in half?.. I chose the latter, and was decently successful considering I still have all my fingers and the mini eggs are kinda mini now. I also went with one cup instead of two- thanks to the advice of my roomie! 

Since Emi got mad for the lack of shoutout last time… Here she is killing it with the mixer that nearly over heated and sounded like it was going to explode!  

   It’s alright cuz she made that dough her b****. Ps thanks Keira for the mixer & thanks Rory for the bowls! I’m a mooch :)) 
Anyways, I’m glad I made it to week two and to momma’s cookie recipe! I think I did pretty good… But she’ll be the real judge. 

I’ve got a few ideas for next week.. But feel free to hit me with your favorite holiday treat! Well.. Don’t hit me with it because that would be wasteful, but share the recipe 🙂 

Ps. the dough was phenomenal  

My alergic to everything roommate, Jayden, couldn’t stay away from it so I must’ve done something right?