I can’t thank my little kitchen helper, Emi, enough for using her super hero arms to mix the dough for this week’s cookies! Sadly I don’t have a photo because I had to keep adding eggs and ingredients in between stirs.. But it turned into a questionably coloured dough after a cup of cocoa powder!  

as my dad would say.. the cookies ‘buttered the bowl’
 As per my roommates critique, the dough turned out quite tasty! But it needed to be refrigerated overnight so that was it for the first part. 

In recovering from a sick day, I decided it was time to pull out the dough and get back it. Luckily they smelled taaaaasty, so I didn’t vom all over them.. Lol- you’re welcome for that personal touch.

I rolled the super chocolatey dough into about one inch balls and then covered them in icing sugar. Can’t really go wrong with that combination..   

 It took about three trays to get through all the dough. Bake at 350 for ten minutes .. Then an extra minute, because OCD is a real thing. 

And they managed to turn out just like the recipe said they would!  

 Can I call myself a pro yet? They taste hella good *pats self on back* and they look damn fine too!! 

Anywho, week three down and I’m excited for next week! I’m seeing truffles in week four’s future.. 

Any recipes? Ideas! Comment my away!!