Okay I DID make cookies.. Well.. Something this week, I’m just late on the blog post oopsies! 

So I suck at predicting the future because I said I’d be making truffles and that clearly didn’t happen. 

I decided to try and make a festive whatever with the ingredients I still had because a) I’m poor and b) I’m lazy.  I found a recipe for Italian cookies, which looked cute and adorable, but mine turned out NOTHING like them. 

I ran out of flour so as per Jayden’s gluten-free suggestion I blended up some oats. It actually ended up working, but the dough looked suuuuper strange.  I apparently didn’t even take a pic because of embarrassment probably. 

Anywho, in the picture of the recipe they’re like these tiny cute cookies…. 

  These are how mine ended up. 

Contrary to the appearance… They actually tasted good! Never judge a cookie by its appearance !! I dipped them in an icing/glaze situation and they’re a great littl treat.. Not too sweet. And have been somewhat devoured by my roommates, which I’m totally okay with hehe. 
Emi helped me and we just made a bunch of different weird shapes including the first letter of our roommates names’. Maybe next week’s treat will go a little more to plan… But this cookie made me problem solve and turned out yummy, so I guess it was worth it! 

Stay tuned for something less cookie…. More…. truffley?