Okay there’s a small chance I lied again about the potential of truffles… But I swear they will happen before Christmas !! 

This week’s baking challenge takes place in none other than momma’s kitchen! It’s official I am….  

 So it was only fitting that this week be the ‘helping mom in the kitchen’ challenge! Hehe. A couple baking treats on the docket today.. Khrustyky (CREW-sh-key) my fav German treat and icing the sugar cookies! 

Khrustyky is basically deep fried dough with icing sugar, so you can’t really go wrong. I of course, was not in charge of the rolling or cutting of the dough… But the potentially scalding hot oil and sugaring of the pastry!  

   My mom is ACES. 
I guess my job wasn’t that bad considering I got to munch on the final product!  

Enough to feed an army.. and fried to perfection!
 Onto the next treat! Mom had already made the sugar cookie sheet, but she left the best part til last.. Icing! And sprinkles of course 🙂  

   Okay so, I wasn’t allowed to ice.. But I sprinkled those cookies like NO OTHER. And they of course taste amazing. Everyone always raves about these cookies and mom is more than willing to give out the recipe, but no matter how hard people try they can’t replicate them!
Onto the next.. Butter tarts for Kristin! My spoiled rotten sister 😉 happens to be the only on who likes ’em, but I laid out these perfectly lovely pre-made tart shells and did the dishes while mom did the grunt work for the tart filling!  


And of course .. The final product before it gets put in the oven: 

Only one more week of the baking challenge before Christmas! Flood me with ideas, and this week I know better than to promise truffles lol.