Alright so, in order to pass this course I have to blog once a week. But HELLO it’s a newsroom, and SO much happens in a day there’s no way I’ll be able to summarize it all into one big clump.

So for the next four weeks, you’ll get to sink your teeth into my fantastically interesting blog posts that will give you specific Monday- Friday updates within.

Day 1: Monday, April 4th

Let’s start with the less than great things that led up to/started this day:

  1. I left my blazers and two nice tops at school in our newsroom.
  2. I barely got ahold of my managing editor.
  3. All of the parking is reserved.
  4. The managing editor had called in sick, no one knew I was coming in.
  5. Waited for the news director to retrieve me from the front desk.


YES she’s that beautiful in person. YES he’s that tall in person. YES there’s these somewhat creepy life sized cut-outs of the talent around the building.
Okay, so I’m not complaining. Worse things could have happened, and I’m surprised they didn’t. Everyone being INCREDIBLY nice was also super helpful.  I spent most of the day with the assignment editor which I loved; there’s a house in Edmonton where a man claims he’s breeding pigeons in his bedroom.. OK.  I got to sit with the producer and watch the noon-hour show, there’s hardly any staff in the control room it’s so bizarre. You could practically have a party in there.. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES.  I got to be on the headset and listen in on the very interesting banter between the anchors during commercials, packs etc.  And the noon- hour producer was also INCREDIBLY nice.

Unfortunately I’m surrounded by very few SAIT grads, but there’s people from all over! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to meet the infamous managing editor.

Day 2: Tuesday, April 5th

So now that I’m not the newest newbie there ever was, Day 2 was a little bit smoother.  I don’t have my fancy badges or anything yet, but since I’m nice and chummy now with the receptionist, April, (how fitting) she let me wander upstairs and I made it just in time for the morning meeting with the reporters and assignment editors.

My managing editor was in today! She’s tall and beautiful .. Not intimidating at all.. She was definitely slightly confused at first, but we did a tiny introduction and I was off with a reporter! Originally we were going to cover city hall’s recycling program flop, but within minutes? Seconds? We were reassigned to a fatality inquiry at the courthouse. We grabbed a cameraman and off we went!

Let me tell you, these reporters and shooters don’t waste anytime. We were out the door and at the steps of  the courthouse within 20 minutes.  I enjoy court (is that weird and twisted?) so I was definitely looking forward to it! We got there a bit late so we had to play some catch up, but after an entirely full day (until 5) Sarah is writing up a ‘rant’ for the 6 o’clock.  She already got an interview from one of the family members for the 5 and 6, so she’s ready to feed back at anytime here! This is planning to be one of the longest fatality inquiries in Alberta, so hopefully I’ll get to follow the case! Ps. I got a shotout from a local celeb:

After a sit down with my managing editor, I got myself a desk and a 9-6 shift! P.p.s. Sorry John Sexsmith, I stole your desk for a month.

Day 3: Wednesday, April 6th

I made it to the morning meeting and contributed an idea (I almost feel like I fit in here?).  Then the rest of the staff was off to a “town hall” meeting in the studio with the new owners (Corus) so me, and I mean only me.. Besides a guy in the corner I feel bad for not knowing his name.. Was left to the office to man phones and police scanners.

 There’s 4 scanners .. One for eps, one for ems, one for rcmp and one for .. STARS I think? Basically it’s a lot of fuzz and nothing actually happening. But hearing actual real live cops say whiskey, tango and delta was pretty comical.

No one called so I was in the clear, but there was a story on Kal-Tire and spring tune-ups that a shooter was going to go to so they sent me along with him!  These shooters are crazy fast and know exactly what they want from a shoot.  Everyone was extremely nice, I got to do the interview and they gave us a digital tire pressure gage as a gift! (Dad’s going to be thrilled)

We were leaving and heading to Tim’s where the lovely Mo (shooter) bought me a hot chocolate and told me I did a good job hehe, when he got a call and we were off again to Churchill Square for the #FarewellRexall rally.  We met up with reporter, Fletcher Kent, who was working on a story about a man who had flown out from Toronto to go to the last game, but was still searching for a ticket.  Turns out a long lost friend contacted him and said he had a ticket… We waited around for the friend to get some visuals of them reconnecting etc. And … He never showed. At least not before we had to leave! I’ll keep you updated on that one.. But here’s some of the rally!

 When we got back, Mo handed in the tapes and I actually got to write up the script and pull clips for the Kal-Tire story! Which means I got to figure out my way around new editing and writing software. I like to think I’m rather technologically inclined so it’s nothing too foreign!

Darcy edited my piece and it will be on the 6 o’clock weeeee! Ps, this happened today:

Day 4: Thursday, April 7th

Started the morning off with an original story idea I won’t let slide quite yet in hopes that it’ll come to fruition, but needless to say, they quite enjoyed it! There was lots going on today and not quite enough bodies, I offered to sit in on a court case, but they’ll likely need a face to go along with the video and I can’t be on the news so I went with another reporter who had a couple other things lined up for the day as well.

We started out with court, but they were still finishing up with yesterday’s witnesses and likely wouldn’t get to the info we wanted today. So we ditched court and the reporter had an idea to talk to the area surrounding Rexall and what they’re expecting now that hockey is gone and events will be coming to a close in the next year. We did some door-knockin get, which if you know anything about reporting, is the bane of our existence. We tried to get some residents to talk about their thoughts and feelings.. And just as we were about to give up… A woman said yes and we were able to get an interview with her.

 Then we made our way over to Colliseum Steak and Pizza for an interview with a business that’s been around as long, if not longer than Rexall.

 After that, we were on our way to grab a statement from the mayor (on a totally unrelated topic) when we got word he wouldn’t be doing the announcement until 2:30. So we headed downtown to get some b-roll for a story the reporter is doing tomorrow.

Day 5: Friday, April 8th

Today I decided I was going to try a new way to work…  I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking, but I basically worked myself into a loop and barely got here in time!  But I did…  and that’s really all that matters, right?

Today was a slower day, but no less exciting.  A story was pitched yesterday about groups of homeless people setting up camp behind the Norwood Legion near Commonwealth, but we didn’t end up going out.  Today it got reassigned and I asked if I could tag along because it sounded really interesting to me.  The reporter set up a few interviews and everything while I did some research on homelessness in Edmonton.  Turns out, there’s a “ten year plan to end homelessness,” in Alberta; we are not doing well.  We have until 2019 to end homelessness…  Can we do it?  Most people say no.  Well anyway, we headed out on assignment around noon and got some great interviews and spent probably too much time in the bushes getting B-roll of these temporary homes…  If you can call it that?

 A CTV crew showed up just when we were finishing up, and it actually happened to be a former Global reporter.  Well we finished up there and boss-man said once we’re done our assignments we can go home for the day, so I won’t be sticking around here much longer.

Here’s to the next three weeks!