Well what do you know… I survived the first week and I’m back for more!

Day 6: Monday, April 11th

Started Monday off with the prestigious job of posting next week’s schedules.  But seriously.  It’s important…  Union stuff, y’know.

After a story pitch meeting I was able to write up a script and clip on Todd Mclellan’s address to the media for the noon show and then watch the show!

   I’m also in the process of investigating a story idea I brought to life this morning… Updates *hopefully* to follow.

I’m really trying to focus more on writing while I’m here and get all the critiques possible…  Writing in broadcast style is a lot harder than you may think.  So I worked on writing bumpers and headlines with Carole Anne which I had never done before, but they were really fun!  Basically they’re the teasers of what’s coming up next, so enticing you without giving too  much away. I may as well leave it at that for today then 😉

Day 7:  Tuesday, April 12th

Ooooh I almost got to go to the exciting raising of the Walterdale Bridge, however I have no steel-toes and well, better safe than sorry!  So today I’m mostly working on writing and web.

At first I was given a package of- lets call them documents- about a woman’s many interactions with police…  After reading said 25-page, handwritten report I concluded it was of no use to us- story wise.  Onto the next!  I get to write up the “What to watch for in AB’s budget,”  so I’ve been calling our experts and so far have only reached one of them.  I guess that’s the problem with experts, eh?  They’re likely quite busy… In the meantime I’ll go bug Carole-Anne to write some more bumps with!

Day 8: Wednesday, April 13th

A quick story meeting and I was assigned another potential story to chase after.  A half an hour phone call with a Portuguese immigrant and it doesn’t look like there’s anything we can do for him- but I’m sending positive vibes he gets his permanent residence in time! While I was working on that, I was taken on by the 6 o’clock team.

Their assistant producer went home sick so I had three things on the go

  1. Still writing up the budget story for web (waiting on experts to get back to me)
  2. Writing bumpers and scripts for the 6 o’clock show
  3. Digging into the immigration story

Just when I was about to scrap the last expert, he emailed me back! Talk about timing. So I finished up my web copy and handed it off to our fabulous web producer for some touching up.

I continued writing whatever our 6 o’clock producer needed including a story about Chinese same sex marriage, the last parking meter getting taken out of the city, our weather specialist speaking to an elementary and the death on Friday that was deemed a homicide.* And since I needed to be near the team, I got to take over yet another person’s desk. Good thing they have cute kids, eh?

 The web producer went over my copy and published it … My first byline! I felt like there should’ve been a bell for me to wring or something.. Alberta Budget 2016: 5 things Edmonton panel is watching for!! 

 All in all, a great hump day.. Also looking forward to next week- I’ll be working with the morning news team!**

Day 9: Thursday, April 14th

BUDDDDDGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT DAY. The moment we’ve all been waiting for- and I do mean all.  The NDP will be serving up their ‘dooms-day’ budget today at 3p.m. and we’ve had numerous reporters/producers/crews at the leg and downtown since about six this morning.  Which means, we don’t have a lot of resources to go cover other news of the day AND we don’t have a lot of time in our shows to cover news of the day! So I pitched a story about the River Queen being auctioned off and we may go get a clip, but it doesn’t sound like anyone’s speaking.

In the meantime, the newsroom is both very quiet and very busy so I’m mostly staying out of the way, but have offered my assistance to anyone who needs it!  I’m about to go watch the noon show with the producer though, that is promising to be filled with look-lives.***

Hoping to catch some of the 6 o’clock show where there actually WILL be lives and if I’m not mistaken, a lovely panel of experts weighing in on today’s announcements.

I spent nearly three hours key-wording which is basically cutting clips – from the entire budget address. And now my eyes have officially glazed over, but I could probably recite the budget for you.  

P.s. Shoutout to my homies who got engaged today 👫💍👰🏼

Day 10: Friday, April 15th

The story meeting started with a pitch to go see if Jayme Pasieka had cracked a deal in court and it was ALSO supposed to be the tenth and final day of the fatality inquiry Sarah and I originally went to last week.

Turns out Pasieka’s lawyers were out of town so that’s been adjourned for three weeks.

We headed over to the fatality inquiry where a forensic pathologist was on the stand- she was on the stand all day yesterday and then again ALL DAY TODAY. Not only that, but they’re extending the inquiry an extra three days at the earliest convenience… Which will likely be months, so unfortunately I probably won’t be able to provide you updates :/

 Thank GOD it’s Friday. And tomorrow off to Calgary for the year-end gala, weeee!

*our 14th homicde of the year
** 6a.m. start times
***look lives are pre-taped live hits, unless you see a tiny red “LIVE” in the corner, the footage isn’t actually live.  Sorry for ruining the mysteries of TV Land!