Yes, the finale, because I’m clever. It doesn’t yet feel like the last week, but probably because I’m working this weekend so I really do have a full, entire, 7-day week left!  So buckle up, this one’s gonna be long!

Day 16: Saturday, April 23rd

Well I definitely prefer an 11:30 a.m. start time although I woke up at 8:30 a.m. anyways– because my body hates me. It is SO much quieter in here and half the lights are shut off! Even quieter than mornings… It’s almost serene, spa-like for a newsie! My supervisor for today is suuuuuuper nice and giving me all sorts of stories to write for hour news hour.  Including a story about the Edmonton Eskimos searching for a new anthem singer, cool hey?

I also headed out with Sarah again today to somewhat of a protest.  The new LRT means a footbridge is going to be taken down that goes over the river valley, needless to say some people are not happy. The construction is about to get underway this summer and has all been signed off on, so unfortunately I don’t think the protesters will get the outcome they’re hoping for.

P.s. it was HELLA cold today. Maybe if it wasn’t so windy….THX YEG. Thought I left that behind in YYC! Gotta say, it was a pretty nice view though.


I’ve been back for probably two hours and my fingers are still frozen.  So I’m going to chase a couple stories and do some voicing for a pack I’m putting together for my demo! Weeeeeeee!

Day 17: Monday, April 25th

I didn’t have to go in yesterday so I managed to sneak in a day off!  Monday morning started the same as they always do, but a fraction of the office was gone for a little mingle situation at our new sister station, 630 CHED.

I planned to go to court with Sarah, but just as we were on our way we got called to come back because I guess the trial was… cancelled? Rescheduled? We’re not sure.  So I came back and chased a couple stories- one I’m still waiting to hear back from.  BUT some exciting news, I got my first pack cut and edited global style to use for my demo! Check it out:

I don’t know why, but I find writing for the 6 so much harder than when I wrote stuff on the weekend or writing for mornings (and the morning show at Global is still hard news soooooo).  Anyways, working away on the 6– my last Monday on my practicum!

Day 18: Tuesday, April 26th

Did you know there’s a new app that will tell you if you stink? … Probably just shower regularly and you won’t have that problem.

Any ways, a story meeting led to me further chasing this KidSport story that keeps coming up empty handed so they passed it onto one of their reporters– hopefully he can figure something out!  There’s also a committee discussion today about liquor store proximities possibly decreasing so I’m going to sit in on that and collect some info for a VO/Clip. In the meantime I’m looking up stats (fun!) about liquor stores… And they’re impossible to find. Wish me luck!

Day 19: Wednesday, April 27th

What a day! I chased a few stories and set up a few interviews this morning before heading out to the Ritchie Brothers auction– their largest in Canadian history.  It was actually a ton of fun and my shooter was great.IMG_7122.JPG  I’m hoping to maybe turn this into a pack to use for my demo, so we got some streeters as well and a 2-shot of me interviewing the executive. We didn’t get a stand-up though so hopefully I’ll have the chance to do another story this week! 

After the auction, we had to go get an interview with a soil moisture expert (yes, it’s real) for a reporter from Global Calgary.  He was super nice and I got to ask the questions, so it almost felt like I was a real reporter- WOW.  I made it back just in time to write my vo/clip for the 6 about the auction and go record promos with Gord and Carole-Anne!

 I think I’ve explained it before– but promos are basically a :15 or :30 second spot that they play up to the 5/6 o’clock to tease what’s coming up in the newscast.  Carole-Anne wrote them, so I DEFINITELY can’t take credit for that, but I got to read them after they finished and it was super fun!  Super nerve-wracking… But super fun.  Of course I left my phone in the dressing room, but I think I’m going to read them again tomorrow so I’ll have to document the occasion!

That’s it, that’s all. Had fun, had a ball!

Day 20: Thursday, April 28th

Nothing like starting your day off with a visit from some PUPPIES OMFG.

Uber brought over some pups from Infinite Woofs (ohhkay wow) and I’m definitely going to be adopting one *sorry mom*. All they did was CUDDLE, they could throw my dog a few tips…

Any who, wrote a short pack for the auction I went to yesterday, just waiting for a vet so I can voice it and hopefully throw it into my demo! We’re short reporters so hopefully I’ll get to do some more stuff today, but I am doing promos again at 3 with Gord and Carole-Anne! 

I asked Carole-Anne to vet my pack and her reply was “I honestly wouldn’t change anything haha! That’s a great little pak.” Isn’t that humbling! Just went and voiced it– almost like I know what I’m doing or something..

Can I just say- it’s so weird to think I could actually do this job. I’ve acquired all the education necessary to actually be a contributing member of this industry. Mind. Boggled.

Okay and just after I say that, they say they’re gonna run my pack! WUT. Buuuuut union rules, so Carole Anne has to voice it (which is actually even cooler). I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for that one.

I was waiting around to do promos and one of the producers asked me to put something together for a graphic about the whole Earls not using AB beef debacle. So I had to skim a 53 page document about proper practices for beef cattlers that are raising certified humane cattle. And sum it up in :30 seconds. Well, I wrote it, let’s see if it passes the test!

Time for promos, headed down to the studio and touched ourselves up before heading on camera. Gord and Carole-Anne read the intros I wrote for my demo packs on-camera so I can “marry them together” for my demo! It took a couple tries for Carole-Anne to get my last name right- understandably– but Gord has worked with some of my fam in Regina before so he had it down pat! Then they went back up and left me alone to do my promos! Luckily the floor director and I are now bff’s so. They went great, but I didn’t get any pics of me.. You’ll just have to use your imaginaaaaation of me against a green screen.

Day 21: Friday, April 29th — THE LAST DAY

Okay. If this is how fast time flies… I’m in for a real quick ride! I brought in a billion cupcakes (which I made btw) for my brilliant co-workers, because, well, who doesn’t love to leave on a good note?


And I even had a great story idea after a report came out that Alberta ranks in the bottom three for fastest internet and Edmonton is pretty low on the list as well… The interview I was setting up about Whyte Ave is finally happening this morning, but the reporter who’s packing it isn’t in until 2:30, so I went with Wes again today to shoot it. Second cup even gave us free coffees! But I really didn’t have the heart to say I don’t drink coffee.. hehe.

Lol this is what b-roll is made of! 

When I came back from the shoot, I key-worded the interview and one of the editors brought me a fancy Global gig stick with all of my demo stuff on it! Wow. So kind. Also the weekend morning anchor informed me they’ll be running the Ritchie Bros pack I wrote again tomorrow morning! For one last kick at the can I’m going to write up a story about some rather violent Trump protests in California– here we go!

I have little thank you cards for a special few I’m waiting to hand out… But this day is definitely bitter sweet! I guess I can officially change all my bios to “graduate of”…

I don’t want to get all emotional, or even sentimental really…. So, just a big

T H A N K  Y O U

I know that’s actually rather small, but you get the gist. Don’t worry, I’m not gone from the blogging world forever… But I’m DEFINITELY going to enjoy my weekend and next week off! Here’s to new opportunities! Xx.