If it hasn’t been made clear by my wonderful supporters via Facebook..

I have accepted a job at 88.1 The One in Stony Plain, AB.

I’ll be taking over the morning anchor position, meaning from about 6a.m.-11a.m. I’ll be cutting in every half hour to bring you the latest in news, sports, weather.. Maybe even sometimes agriculture! OH YAH. I also get my own desk, so. It’s a pretty big deal. Aaaaaand I share an office with the one, the only, Thomas Strangward. He graduated a year before me at SAIT, so it’s definitely nice to get to work with a familiar face!

Any who, not only will I be anchoring, but I’ll be reporting on events/ news etc. in and around the Tri-Region AND more excitingly.. Wonderful town hall meetings in Stony Plain! Keep it exciting for me councillors.. 😉

I’ve already been out with the crew for a couple of events this weekend, so this job is promising to keep me busy for sure! 

P.s. I’m moving to Spruce Grove– come visit any time!

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