It’s been one whole week since the whole big-girl job started and I’m mediocre-ly exhausted.


  1. The industry/ world is a small ass place– make connections, don’t burn bridges.
  2. 3:30 a.m. comes hella fast, bed times and afternoon naps are important.
  3. It’s such a stress relief doing something you enjoy.

I mean, I imagine there’s more as an ol’ SAIT instructor would say “hidden learning objectives” but that’s all I can think of right now.

It’s a pretty huge whirlwind.

I’ve gone from SAIT student, to Global practicum student, to SAIT graduate (technically) to morning anchor and reporter for a real live radio station. I’m 19. *toots own horn*

If you told me even one month ago that this is where I’d be, I likely would’ve scoffed in your face (because I’m rude) and because I was really having second thoughts about if this industry was the right fit for me. I went into my practicum hoping it would help me decide either way; whether I wanted to take a go in the industry or take some time to travel, figure myself out (ugh, I’m such a teenager) and maybe go back to school.

So, a bit about my first couple of weeks…


I met a hundred people I’ll probably forget the names of, I was welcomed into communities better than I could’ve ever hoped for (from the radio station, to the entirety of the Tri-Region). I wrote and read 10 casts a morning. I joined in on breaks with our morning host, Gruff. I went to community events. I interviewed people within the community (From the Parkland County Fire Chief, to the Spruce Grove-St. Albert MLA). I wrote stories for online. And did all this by being in bed by 8… Sometimes 9… Those nights were a mistake.



Having a nice long weekend after my first week was somewhat of a blessing. That is, until I got hit in the fact with two council meetings on Tuesday. If anyone knows the industry, or just life in general, you know that council/ city hall meetings can be rather dry… On the other hand, they can also get pretty heated! So I didn’t know what I was in for.

Tuesday morning started with pre-recording basically all my casts and getting to Parkland County’s council meeting by 9a.m. I made it! Everyone was very nice, I introduced myself to everyone, met a woman from the newspaper who I’ll likely see every council. Then it was back to the station for a quick staff meeting and some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, hands down (SHOUT OUT TO COSMIC PIZZA HAAAAAAY). I made my way home and slept for the better part of the day before I had to get up again and head back to Stony Plain for its council at 6p.m.. Plenty to live tweet about there, again I went up and introduced myself to the members, who most of them I had met at a lunch-in last week which was nice!

Then I stayed up later than I should and Wednesday hit me with a tonne of bricks– similar to today! I may or may not fall over sometime today… We’ll see.

Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday I get to record every cast for the day– have fun in TO, Tom!

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