Okay I’ll keep this week’s short and sweet! Mostly because I have zero moments to spare as I pack the last of mine and Michael’s things to move to our new home in Kelowna (more on that later)!

After last week’s blog post went over so well, I was very encouraged to continue and also pursue this whole cultivating optimism thing in a very real way.

Michael and I went on an adventure– what we thought would lead us to a pumpkin patch. But a wrong turn on the right road led us to an opportunity we simply couldn’t pass up!

Up on a beautiful hilltop in Kelowna, there’s a beautiful winery called The View.

We were lucky enough to stumble in at the right time as we got to have one of the best wine tastings we’ve ever had with the president of the winery and vineyard. This made me think…

I love wine. I love talking to people. I live in Kelowna. How can I make these things work together? Well, to make a long story short, once a month I will be doing my best to feature a winery! Hopefully one you’ve never heard of, but are just as drawn to as I am! My idea is to sit down with these cultivators and innovators, put those interview skills to the test, and hopefully capture some beautiful scenery in the process. Maybe a glass of wine or two will find its way into my hands… some may say no drinking on the job… I say my blog, my rules!

So, to tide (tie, tied.. you get the gist) you over, here’s an adorable video of last Monday’s adventure… stay tuned for this month’s wine feature including an interview with Jennifer Molgat, President of The View Winery and General Manager of Canada West Tree Fruits!